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Walnut MP3 Player generates energy as it is rolled in your hands

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concept walnut mp3 player by yukwang kang_1

The Walnut Player is a concept MP3 player that can be “walled rolled” to charge. It has been designed by the industrial designer YuKwang Kang and features two spherical objects, which when rolled in your hand, allow the generation of renewable electricity to charge its own onboard battery.

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The WARP concept provides electricity, water and clean air

04/09/2010 Comments off

warp solar energy generating sculpture_1a

To reduce the environmental effects of the inevitable growth of urbanism, Portugese deisgner Vasco Pinto Alves proposes a unique concept that provides energy, water, shade and also clean air just like natural trees do.

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Kinetic MP3 player juices itself just with its movement

03/09/2010 Comments off

kinetic energy powered mp3 player concept_3

Industrial designer Matthew Smith is working to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources to power our electronic gear. Since these gadgets are a part of mostly everybody’s life, the total electricity required to keep them ticking is substantial. Matthew is providing solutions by designing gadgets that can be powered by renewable forms of energy, such as kinetic energy.

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Toyota’s MOB Concept

02/09/2010 Comments off

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MOB concept for Toyota, is the brainchild of Spanish designer Jorge Marti Vidal and features a striking look that incorporates unusual bodywork.

 The concept vehicle, which has been inspired by the idea of the Mobius strip, carries two continuous panels, which weave their way back and forth to create the bodywork and the chassis.

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LM Hawaii Concept Electric Car by designer Acatrinei Lucian Nicolae

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The LM Hawaii designed by Acatrinei Lucian Nicolae, is a concept electric car which represents an environmentally friendly vehicle that can be used in the sandy terrain of the Hawaii Islands. The zero-emission vehicle can carry four people with their surfing gear.

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AER concept electric powered motorcycle designed by Andre Federico Look

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Auto designer Andre Federico Look believes that racing is a significant medium in communication new technology and motorsports has the chance to demonstrate new technical and creative solutions within the framework of competition. To prove his belief, Andrea has come up with a concept electric motorcycle that can rival any conventionally-powered machine on the racetrack.

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Scania Motion concept truck generates renewable energy for propulsion

31/08/2010 Comments off

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Designed for the year 2042, the Scania Motion is a concept truck that can tackle all extreme climatic conditions, while serving as a house for the driver. The zero-emission vehicle will also be able to reliably transport goods in any environmental condition and to any destination. The all-terrain vehicle features onboard renewable energy generating systems.

The self-sustaining vehicle will be able to protect and sustain the driver by providing an emergency accommodation. The six-wheeled truck can stick to the ground by lowering two anchoring systems from both sides. Scania Motion also includes two wind turbines and a solar array, which has been mounted on a sun-tracking system to maximize energy generation.

Via: James Dyson Award

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