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The World’s Most Sexiest Hotel Showers

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World’s Sexiest Hotel Showers

Hey now. Travel + Leisure takes a look at design-forward hotel showers—with tech savvy touches or incredible views—that make a room worth booking. And we can’t manage to look away. Check out some of the best:

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10 Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in the U.S.

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10 Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in the U.S.

These days you’ll find that more and more hotels are putting up placards and hang tags encouraging guests to reuse towels and sheets on multi-night stays. But there are some hostels and hotels that are stepping up their green efforts even more. Kristin Conard of Matador Network recently listed 10 eco-friendly places to stay in the U.S. that will help you leave a smaller footprint as you travel, with options from spending $25 to $300 a night. Read more…

All You Need for Fresh Air

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Plants for Fresh AirAll you need for fresh air.

Seventeen years ago Kamal Meattle found out that the air in his home city of Dehli was killing him.  He had grown allergic to the pollutants in the air and his lung capacity started declined to 70%.  He began researching and found that these three plants can provide a human with all the fresh air they need indoors to be healthy.  The three plants are the Areca Palm, the Mother-in-law’s Tongue , and the Money Plant.

  1. The Areca Palm (or Chrysalidocarpus lutescens) is does great air cleansing work during the day. Β About 4 shoulder height plants per person should do the trick.
  2. The Mother-in-law’s Tongue (or Sansevieria trifasciata) takes over by converting CO2 to O2 at night.  You want about 6 to 8 of these waist high plants per person.
  3. TheΒ Money Plant (or Epipremnum aureum) does the job of filtering outΒ removing Formaldehyde and other VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Read more…

Hemeroscopium House: Not an average neighborhood house

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Houses Hemeroscopium by Ensamble Studios presses constraints on what can be prefab architecture. The house is constructed of three giant concrete I-beam, two concrete segments of the irrigation channels and two steel beams, all anchored by a 20-ton granite slab. The entire structure took about a year for engineers but only about one week to build. 

Prefab House Pool Designs 600x350 Hemeroscopium House: Not your average neighborhood house
Prefab House Pool Designs

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Zen Contemporary Japanese Residence, The T house by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio

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This T House  isn’t just being inspired by the former traditional Japanese house. You can see how the floor plan in this modern Japanese contemporary house is very much the same of the traditional Japanese home. All rooms at this Japanese contemporary home floor plan all comes to one point and that’s the dining place. From the Japanese dining room you can access the bedroom, kitchen and living space.

What differentiate them is that on each room doesn’t have boundary or sliding doors like the traditional Japanese house does. This pentagonal house design is located in Tsuhima and designed by by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio, a small village in the vicinity of Nagoya, Japan

Japanese Home Design Exterior Decorating 600x399 Zen Contemporary Japanese Residence, The T house by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio Japanese Home Design Exterior Decorating


This modern contemporary zen home design has the simplest floor plan form supported with not much wall accessories or furniture that is rich in design. The young couples who will be living here wanted a modern home with comfortable features without leaving their Japanese heritage and still have that Zen feeling or aesthetics. It’s also great to find out that with diagonal floor plan you can have various access of views, like the garden and the street.

 Natural light can also come from every angle, thanks to the large windows. It’s a good mix of old and new, and it’s a revolutionary home design that isn’t just have a gorgeous interior design but also fit in well with the surrounding neighborhood.

pentagonal house aerial view 600x434 Zen Contemporary Japanese Residence, The T house by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio pentagonal house aerial view

Double-Sided Acid-Etched Glass from Walker Glass

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ArchWeek Image

The current double-sided acid-etched glass program from Walker Glass includes the Satin/ Satin and Opaque/ Opaque finishes. With the new addition of Velour/ Velour, Walker now offers no fewer than six different shades of full-surface etching. On special request, the double-sided glass can be made with a combination of full-sheet etching on one side and an acid-etched pattern on the other. Using North American glass substrates, the Walker Textures™ products are available in a wide range of thicknesses and colors varying from 3 to 19 millimeters, in sizes up to 100 by 144 inches. Some products are offered in quantities under 4,000 pounds.

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New Michelin bike inner tube squeezes punctures closed

08/04/2011 1 comment

The uniquely shaped and textured Michelin Protek Max bicycle inner tube is said to compres...

Bicycle inner tubes that contain a small-puncture-sealing slimy liquid may not be a new development in and of themselves, but Michelin has released a product that takes the concept a step further. The company’s Protek Max tube not only contains a sealant, but is designed to compress when punctured to assist the self-sealing process.

The two things you’ll notice about the Protek is that it has a square cross-section, and funny little bumps on its surface. The square shape helps align it within the tire casing and against the rim well, which Michelin says eases mounting and eliminates the twisting problems that can occur with traditional sausage-shaped tubes.

When the tube is fully inflated within the tire, its textured surface causes the rubber to compress instead of expand when under pressure. This means that the internal air pressure actually closes holes off, giving the sealant a better chance at taking care of them for good.

The tubes also are claimed to hold air longer – when tested against Michelin’s self-sealing AIRSTOP tube, the Protek was said to maintain proper pressure for twice the amount of time.

Commuters and mountain bikers, but not road racers, can get a Protek Max to fit their tire. It is available in sizes of 700 x 35-47c (200 grams) and 26 x 1.4-2.125 inches (260 grams), with Presta or Shrader valves, for a suggested retail price of US$8.99.

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