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The Wadi Rum Rock Resort

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Wadi Rum Rock Resort

Wadi Rum Resort is a concept created by Florida-based Oppenheim Architecture + Design for an 80,000-square-foot hotel in Wadi Rum, Jordan that will become a reality in 2014 when the rock is cut away and rooms are built in its facade. Wadi Rum is a stretch of desert in Jordan where there are rock formations and ancient rock paintings and carvings. With this resort, Oppenheim offers a harmonious unity between nature and man, working with the native materials and formations to guide their design. Read more…

EQUIP xavier claramunt: hotel arc del teatre

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hotel arc del teatre’ by EQUIP xavier claramunt in barcelona, spain
all images courtesy EQUIP xavier claramunt
photographer: adria goula

spanish practice EQUIP xavier claramunt has completed ‘hotel arc del teatre’, a multi-storey
accommodation located in barcelona’s historical neighborhood of el raval. a conversion project
of a former theatre, the design preserves the original facade of the building – essentially conserving
the memory of the structure – by wrapping the expansive face with a translucent screen.

street facade

drawing from the high dynamism of the site’s streetlife, the project explores ways in which
the transference of energy can be established without losing the boundary of privacy,
exploring the notion of ‘exhibitionist’ architecture. featuring a recessed ground level entry,
a public plaza is generated which extends the street into the building and behind the hotel.
an outdoor area covered in gravel on the south side offers views into a buried courtyard.

street entrance

finished in a visually graphic treatment, the wrap lends a new identity to the theatre while
maintaining the characteristic outline of the facade underneath. the wrap reflects the changing
light of the day and season and alters its exterior expression through the illumination within.
constructed out of vinyl, views into the units are limited while outward views are established. Read more…

Modern and Luxurious Home with Amazing View in Norway

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Here is one form of modern home design and luxury with stunning views in Norway. The house is very comfortable and luxurious as The House Gunderson, located in Haugesud, Norway. This house was designed by architect Racki Widjedal Bergerhoff (WRB). In general, interior design and architecture of this house made ??for offering spectacular views through large windows in the interior design.

The is made of neutral tones giving a sensation of darkness, but thanks to large windows and back to the fireplace. Moreover, the kitchen has integrated a glowing, smooth and compact With everyone looking for kitchen gadgets hidden in bookshelves to create the effect of monotony without unnecessary accents screams thats make it looks elegant and cozy. Let’s see the the picture of this modern and luxurious home with amazing view in Norway at below and get some inspiration.

Modern Home with Amazing View in Norway Modern and Luxurious Home with Amazing View in NorwayModern Home with Amazing View in Norway


Modern and Luxurious Home with Amazing View in Norway terrace Modern and Luxurious Home with Amazing View in NorwayModern and Luxurious Home with Amazing View in Norway terrace Read more…

Luxury and Minimalist Beach House Design

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Here about Luxury and Minimalist Beach House Design. Every room of this house have an infinity great ocean views. Located in North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Positioned on a cliff so it has a great terraces, outdoor jacuzzi, and infinite edge pool, also give a tall windows to keep private.

Night Views at Luxury and Minimalist Beach House Design Luxury and Minimalist Beach House Design
Night Views at Luxury and Minimalist Beach House Design Read more…

Contemporary Mountain House Design in Brazil

11/04/2011 1 comment

Here are about Contemporary Mountain House Design in Brazil. This Mountain House is a great designed house with less of polution, great panoramic views outside. Perfect for family that wanted a weekend that far away from stress and crowded of the great city.

Relax Space at Contemporary Mountain House Design in Brazil Contemporary Mountain House Design in Brazil
Relax Space at Contemporary Mountain House Design in Brazil

A blend of natural, rustic and contemporary design form the interior and exterior of the house of one story, built on 745 m2. All areas of life and entertainment, as well as the rooms and bathrooms were built facing the mountains. Mix materials to create a modern home, anchored in nature: the glass, bamboo and wood, polycarbonate recovered, stone, ceramics, fiber, metal, stainless steel, double glazing and laminated glass, glass tile, anodized aluminum, wooden and Tecnocimento. This house is located in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, Brazil and designed by David Guerra. See this picture of Contemporary Mountain House Design in Brazil below.

Outdoor Views at Contemporary Mountain House Design in Brazil Contemporary Mountain House Design in Brazil
Outdoor Views at Contemporary Mountain House Design in Brazil

Cruiser with Alp View – Pasing Arcaden München

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It might sound strange, but it’s somewhat true – since the 270 meter long new building of the Pasing Arcades along the ICE railway line StuttgartMunich looks like a luxury cruiser on the dry dock, however, not by the water, but next to Pasing station.


The water analogy is not a joke, by the way, but a quotation by the architects Allmann Sattler Wappner from the Principal’s press releases. Another possibility to “brand” a building, since this today’s fourth large shopping mall in town needs to stand out from its competitors OEZ, PEP and the Riem Arcades.

The location is well selected. In direct proximity of Pasing station, only five driving minutes away from Munich central station and handling another ICE stop, the urban railway to the airport and regional as well as nation-wide services – an estimated 85,000 passenger getting on, off and changing trains move across the premises. Fantastic preconditions for a shopping center operator and a fact that doesn’t need to be explained really taken into account that making an agreement with a battlesome great land owner and the purchase of an adjacent industrial estate all happened in almost no time.

A few days before the solemn opening ceremony this place was still busy. Hammering could be heard all over the place, holes were filled up, cables were laid, floors were polished, and the visual merchandise ladies had to handle a nightshift. However, on opening day the shop fronts of the fashion savvy tenants – a gap in the buying power offer of Pasing so far, as the developer wishes to have analyzed, evaluated and realized – were one by one tarted up to welcome the predicted 60,000 visitors. Do they really appreciate the unique visual effect of the façade consisting of thousand of diamond shapes, which, according to the architects, “not only protects, but also unites, corrects, contradicts the building lines at hand and dissolves them visually”? The residents of the 80 flats located on shopping level have every reason to be happy. Since no matter how their homes are perceived from the outside, when the weather is nice they will be able to look right into the Alps – according to the marketing campaign, that is. Holiday feeling and quiet – annoying, however, that opening day also marks the beginning of the second construction stage which means the excavators are waiting already once more …

Read more…

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Villa Vista in Sri Lanka

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After working on a number of reconstruction projects post-tsunami in Sri Lanka, renowned architect Shigeru Ban was commissioned to build a private residence on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Built of concrete, local teak and coconut leaves, the home is a cantilevered, open-air beauty with framed views of the surrounding landscape. Shade screens and operable shutters keep out the sun and heat but encourage air to naturally flow through the open spaces.
villa vista, shigeru ban, sri lanka, local materials, coconut leaves, teak, concrete home, green design

The concrete home is located on a hilltop overlooking the ocean in Weligama, Sri Lanka, and is composed of a series of platforms accessed by stairs. A large overhanging roof covers the entire space and is built from light, water-proof, cement boards. The open-air home is further protected from the sun with woven coconut leaf sun shades crafted in a checkerboard pattern. Parts of the shade are operable allowing for increased ventilation into the space. Locally-sourced teak, formed into 80mm wide and 3mm thick strips, is also woven into a wickerwork pattern and installed on the ceiling.


Designed to take in the sights of the ocean, cliffs and jungle, the home uses the intersecting planes of the floors, walls and ceilings to frame in three different views. First is the view of the ocean seen from the jungle in the valley, which is framed by the external corridor from another existing house to this house and the roof. Second is a horizontal view of the ocean framed by the large roof and the floor. Last is the view of a cliff, which glows red at sunset, and is framed by a solid wood square frame in the bedroom.



+ Shigeru Ban

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