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Kindle Books Surpass Print Books on Amazon

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Amazon announced today that for its Kindle ebooks are now officially outselling all print books, including paperbacks and hardcover editions.  For every 100 print books sold, Amazon sells 105 Kindle books, a trend that the company expects to keep increasing.

The new figures do not inlcude the free ebooks, which would push the ratio of ebooks to print ones even further in the ebooks favor.  The numbers do include, however, print books that are not available in a Kindle edition. Read more…

Talk Powerede Cell Phones?

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How cool would it be if your cell phone could gain all the power it needed to fuel your conversations by the actual sound of those conversations?  Scientists at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea think they’ve developed the technology that could soon have that very application.

The technology produces energy from the vibrations caused by sounds.  The prototype consists of tiny zinc oxide wires sandwiched between two electrodes.  A sound pad on top vibrates when hit by sound waves which causes the zinc oxide strands to compress and release.  That generates an electrical current that charges the battery.

Currently, the prototype has only been able to convert sound at high decibel levels like loud traffic to generate about 50 millivolts of electricity, but the scientists are hoping that changing the material the wires are made of will allow more energy to be produced from lower sound levels.

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Apple earnings well beyond Wall Street forecasts

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Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Apple reported their quarter earnings that exceeded analysts’ expectations for their sales of iPods, iPhones, and Macs. Apple’s shares increased by about more than 5% in extended trading.

The company said that they earned $3.07 billion, or $3.33 a share, in its fiscal second quarter, which was $1.33 a share a year before. Most recent sales went up to $13.5 billion, which was $8.163 billion last year.

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Shadow Ebike Gets Its Public Debut

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Canadian company Daymak has is releasing their wireless electric bicycle called the Shadow Ebike at this year’s China Import and Export Fair, also known as the 109th Canton Fair, hosted in Guanzhou near the southeast coast of China.

The Shadow Ebike features wireless magnetic regenerative brakes, wireless throttle, and wireless pedal assist, coming equipped with either a 250 watt or 350 watt motor. With a 36 volt 10AH lithium battery, and weighing 59 pounds, the electric bike has a top speed of around 20 miles per hour, and a range of about 15 miles without pedal assistance.

image via Daymak

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Top 10 Touch Screen Devices

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1. Archos 7

The is a 7-inch contact concealment tool, which is a incurvature broadcasting or media player. Add photos, movies, videos, penalization and more. It has a by choice Web covering with flooded HTML display. Can grownup tv channels and broadcasting finished WiFi connectivity.

Archos 7

2. iPhone 3G-S


Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

The apple iPhone is the coolest gadget in the world. It has a 3.5 progress multi contact concealment for feeding with apple’s expedition browser. It has a beatific camera quality.

The apple iPhone has the appstore which includes jillions of covering fashioned meet for the iPhone. Scratch liberated screen, uncreased touch, awing looks makes this gadget a hit!

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

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Gold Plated Jewelry

Image via Wikipedia

This article first appeared on Essence of Life, a nonprofit organization which strives to arouse awareness of environmental issues and personal responsibility.

The mining industry

We are drawn to jewels and crystals like magpies. We may feel the healing powers of particular crystals or gemstones or be compelled by the latest fashions, but how sustainable is our jewelry box?

The mining industry is one of the most toxic in the world. It has a massive impact on the local environment as a polluter of air and water supplies and often creates deforestation. Mining naturally plays a direct hit to the lungs and wellbeing of the miners themselves and in many countries across the world has created long-lasting civil conflict and even wars. Whether its sustainable metals, blood diamonds or native American turquoise, how ethical is our jewelry?

We might think we are supporting local artisans around the world, when we buy their crystal and macramé dreamcatcher necklaces, but what is the impact on the local environment?

A challenge for jewelry designers who want to move things in a positive direction is the lack of sustainable raw materials and very few industry standards. There is one fair trade gold mine in the world, but no ethical silver mines. Read more…

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