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Green Engineering Jobs: Coming to an Ocean Near You?

16/04/2011 1 comment

20 Bonus 2 MW wind turbines at the Middelgrund...

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A variety of wind farms are being proposed, designed and constructed across the US. Cape Wind proposes the first offshore wind farm on Nantucket Sound, “… Miles from the nearest shore, 130 wind turbines will gracefully harness the wind to produce up to 420 megawatts of clean, renewable energy.  

In average winds, Cape Wind will provide three quarters of the Cape and Islands electricity needs. Maryland’s  Governor proposed a plan to build offshore wind farms in the Atlantic Ocean (Maryland lawmakers today refused to pass the plan this year).

His was a $1.5 billion field of giant turbines about 10 miles off of the Ocean City, Maryland shoreline, while the eastern edge is approximately 27 miles from the coast.  And in Delaware, NRG Bluewater Wind has won the exclusive right to negotiate with the federal government to build an offshore wind farm.

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Germany’s 198-GW wind power potential can replace nuclear – study

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wind power

Image by twicepix via Flickr

Germany’s onshore wind energy potential alone can provide sufficient electricity supply enough to replace nuclear power.

This is according to the study of the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology that was initiated by the German Wind Energy Association.

As of 2010, Germany ranks third in total global installed wind power capacity with around 27.2 gigawatts. This follows the United States with 40.2 GW and China with 44.7 GW.

According to the study, harnessing all the existing wind resource potential can yield 198 GW of installed capacity, which can provide up to 65 percent of the current electricity demand.

R.W.E. president Hermann Albers said the onshore wind energy can provide 390 terawatt-hours out of the current 600 terawatt-hours electricity consumption every year, showing the ability of wind energy to replace nuclear power.

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Iberdrola first to build in Europe’s largest wind complex

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Iberdrola Renovables

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Iberdrola Renovables, a Spanish multinational wind power corporation, began building its 80-megawatt wind farm in Romania on a site that will be Europe’s largest wind complex.

The 80-MW Mihai Viteazu wind farm is Iberdrola’s first project in the country. It is also the first step in the construction of the Dobrogea wind complex.

The Dobrogea wind complex will be the site of as many as 50 to 55 wind farms with a total combined capacity of up to 1,500 MW to be connected to the Romanian national grid. This will be the largest volume of grid-connected wind power in Europe to date.

The Mihai Viteazu facility will be the first to be built in the entire complex. It will be located in the Constanza district in the Dobrogea region southeast of Romania, 23 miles west from the Black Sea. Read more…

India could see 65.2 GW of wind power installed by 2020, according to study

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Icon of Wind Turbines

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India has the potential to install a total of 65.2 gigawatts of wind power by 2020, states a study called Wind Energy Outlook 2011.

The study was a collaboration between The World Institute of Sustainable Energy, a policy think tank and wind energy associations the Global Wind Energy Council and Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association.

Wind Energy Outlook 2011 examines the potential of wind power in India up to the year 2030.

The study projects that India will have an increase of 79 percent in total wind power installations by 2020 from the 13.1 GW of 2010, with a cumulative growth of around 13 GW yearly. By 2030, estimated installed capacity could reach as much as 160.7 GW. Read more…

T-box concept to capture wind energy from trains

07/04/2011 3 comments

As anyone living near railway tracks will tell you, speeding trains generate quite a bit of wind as they whoosh past. Industrial designers Qian Jiang and Alessandro Leonetti Luparini have come up with a device that’s installed between the sleepers on a track, and as the train passes overhead, the wind drives a turbine to generate electricity.

The T-box devices could be placed along railway or subway lines, and make good use of an otherwise wasted resource.

Unlike innovations such as the Solar Roadways project and Solar Wind concept, the T-box device wouldn’t have to depend on a natural energy source, but instead one that is produced as a consequence of human activity. China‘s Jiang and Italy’s Luparini reckon that about 150 of these devices could be installed along a kilometer (0.62 miles) of track and as a train speeds along, the turbines inside the device would generate electricity.

The designers say that the turbine is based on models produced by Hetronix, although the blades are obviously designed to rotate about a central axis within the cylinder housing. Much of the T-box would be below ground level with only the vent showing, and even though the wind produced by passing trains may only come in short bursts, installing them along a busy route should result in a decent amount of energy being produced.

Of course, keeping these babies clean and safe could be a problem. In addition to the dust and debris kicked up as the train speeds along or grime and grease deposits escaping from underneath, protecting such shiny boxes from the destructive hands of vandals could prove somewhat tiresome.

However, it’s an appealing concept with huge potential for further development. The T-box design took silver in last year’s Lite-On awards and was exhibited in Xuexue Institute, Taipei during the summer.

Have a look at the Lite-On presentation video and see what you think:

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France’s €10bn offshore wind power investment ready to go

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Image by Nick in exsilio via Flickr

The French government is set to announce plans for a €10bn (£8.2bn) offshore wind farm building programme. Key goal is the installation of 600 wind turbines located at 10 sites off the coast of France. The programme will be completed during the next 5 years. The official programme will be announced and a contracts tender for building and operating the wind farms will take place during the next month.

The project aims to provide 3,000MW of new wind energy capacity at a cost of about €3.5m per megawatt, estimating the total value of the investment programme to €10bn. The project is the first phase of a greater investment plan that aims to the installation of 6,000MW from offshore wind capacity by 2020.

The government official signalled that other sites being considered for development as part of the tendering process are off the coasts of Normandy, Britanny and Languedoc-Roussillon in the Mediterranean.

Although France relies heavily today to nuclear power, this investment programme provides evidence of France moving to more clean sources of energy in the years to come.

Hybrid generator harvests solar and wind energy for portable electronics outdoors

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hybrid home generator concept by sun j vang_5

Industrial designer Sun-J Vang unveiled his Hybrid Home Generator concept appropriate for those who like spending much time outside their homes. 

The concept generator has both solar panels to harness the energy from the sun as well as a constantly flowing wind, to provide energy for your portable electronics. 

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