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Doubling public transport by 2025 to save $ 140 billion

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Public transport market share must double by 2025 to save $140 billion from energy consumption while reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well, a report from a global network of public transport officials showed.

The International Association of Public Transport (U.I.T.P.), based on well-documented urban economic and technological development projections and a partnership with the International Energy Agency, compared the impacts and benefits of the expected business scenario with that of public transport times two, or PTx2, in 2025.

The group presented the PTx2 program during the 59th World Congress in Dubai which started April 10 and will end on April 14.

The expected scenario is projected according to current trends. Scenarios were evaluated under the projections on how the cities will evolve until that year compared to 2005. Read more…

Investing in Carbon Offsets

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In recent years, the world of real estate has focused on sustainability, and rightfully so. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, buildings account for 40% of primary energy use in the United States, as well as 39% of its carbon dioxide emissions.

These numbers have played a part in the industry’s drive toward green building. Owners are no longer content with traditional energy use and the negative impact that it has. Building owners have identified tangible returns to going green, including increased marketability, decreased operating costs, and the halo effect. These returns create an opportunity for carbon offset investments.

A carbon offset is a credit or certificate that represents the reduction of one ton of carbon dioxide emissions. These offsets are created by projects that reduce carbon dioxide and have the reduction verified by a qualified third party. These carbon reduction projects then sell their offsets to individuals and companies that wish to mitigate their environmental impact. In most cases, participation in the carbon offset market is voluntary. These offsets are most commonly purchased to earn LEED points for a building or to get media recognition for a company’s green efforts.

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New Cement is Carbon Negative

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Cement is one of the most significant single sources for carbon emissions, due to the intense energy required for its production and the volumes of it that are produced annually, as well as from material itself, but an alternative is now available. It doesn’t just reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted, it actually binds more CO2 than is emitted from its production, which makes its production carbon negative.

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Europe to promote greener transport through eco-driving

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The European Union provided a 13.7 million euro ($16.79 million) grant for a three-year research program that aims to develop and evaluate green transport technologies and applications which will deliver up to 20 percent carbon dioxide emissions reductions.

The eCoMove project aims to integrate the concept of eco-driving with eco-traffic management to help a particular vehicle achieve the theoretical least possible fuel consumption in any given trip, without compromising the quality of mobility of people and goods.

“In reality today, vehicles, drivers and traffic management systems fall short of this ideal, and much fuel is wasted leading to unnecessary [carbon dioxide] emission,” said Jean Charles Pandazis, coordinator of the project.

Road transport alone is responsible for about 70 percent of all transport greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn account for around 20 percent of global emissions. The eCoMove project intends to lessen the sector’s emissions by focusing on two main sources of avoidable fuel consumption: private vehicles and freight vehicles.

The project will apply cooperative information and communication technologies to provide real-time information. It will use vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication to integrate systems that will support eco-driving with eco-traffic management.

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Britain prepares regulations for underwater carbon dioxide storage

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Britain’s Department of Energy and Climate Change will lay down the regulations for the licensing of carbon dioxide storage under the sea bed.

The government of Britain earlier held a consultation with developers and other stakeholders regarding the licensing, to gather views on a broad structure of the planned licensing system.

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