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The WARP concept provides electricity, water and clean air


warp solar energy generating sculpture_1a

To reduce the environmental effects of the inevitable growth of urbanism, Portugese deisgner Vasco Pinto Alves proposes a unique concept that provides energy, water, shade and also clean air just like natural trees do.

warp solar energy generating sculpture_1

The system is draped in photovoltaic panels that generate renewable energy. Furthermore, the system contains a water collector to harvest rainwater.

Least, included is seasonal algae that consume atmospheric CO2 to produce bio-diesel.

warp solar energy generating sculpture_2

A single structure includes 4 algae aquaria, photovoltaic panels and a water collector, which collects and filters rainwater.

The solar energy generated by the system is used to power a set of LED light for nighttime lighting and to recharge electric cars that are parked underneath.

Via: TDB/DesignBoom/Ecofriend

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