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Where Should We Put All Those Bikes?

04/09/2010 Comments off

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A couple of photos of a building covered in bicycles have been floating around the net. It’s an unique bike shop in Germany, located in Altlandsberg, a small city 60 km away from Berlin.

Why we can’t let bike sharing programs to fail – the example of Barcelona City

03/09/2010 1 comment

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In its early days, Barcelona’s Bicing seemed like an unparalleled success. With 400 stations and 3,000 of the squat, burly red-and-white bikes stationed around the city, Bicing quickly became part of Barcelona’s big city atmosphere and was enthusiastically received by inhabitants.

But after five years, something scary started to happen, in addition to the vandalism and abandonment that plagued Bicing and other big programs…ridership started to decline.

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The HMK 561 Ultralight Power Generating Bicycle

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If you look closely at the HMK 561 Ultralight Motorbike, you may notice that it has no spokes, chains or pedals. not only in design, a prototype has already been built.

Designed by Ralf Kittmann, the HMK 561 Ultralight Motorbike contains electrical properties that basically power all of the bike’s movements.

The frame is made up of highly conductive Carbon Fiber, which makes the bike one big power distribution network. Pretty hi-tech stuff.

Bryan Walsh Avtomat Hydro-Static Bicycle

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Bryan Walsh Avtomat Hydro-Static Bicycle was inspired by the automatic AK-47 rifle according to the designer’s statement.  

Sleek in its design, the Avtomat Hydro-Static Bicycle incorporates the dynamics of the rifle into its construction. While looking stylish and smooth, the bike is also powered by hydrostatic drive, ensuring more use can come out of this vehicle than the standard chain bicycle.

The new Spider Bike by Tsikolia Design R&D Ltd. with eco inspirations.

01/09/2010 1 comment

Designed by Tsikolia Design R&D Ltd. its latest bike design which named as Spider will utilize techniques from the Tbilisi based aircraft manufacturing company. Coming across as a cross between a mountain bike and a road-racing bike, this concept uses aluminum square tubes in its construction.

The chain guides are stamped together using a cold process and the aluminum tubes are welded together. Doing complete justice to its name, the Georgian designer has angled the spokes to look like the legs of a spider. It’s great to see an aircraft company showing concern for the atmosphere, the environment and providing eco means to us as well.

Gorgeous Retro Bike-Computer Counts with Class

31/08/2010 Comments off

If you want to know just how fast you can go on your vintage fixed-gear conversion, but can’t bear to put an ugly plastic computer onto your beautifully curated bike, this concept bicycle speedometer could be right up your bike-lane. It comes from Estonian designers Redfish Creative and, despite some flaws, looks pretty gorgeous.

The computer works just like any other wireless bike-computer, with a fork-mounted sensor that detects a spoke-mounted magnet as it thrum-thrums past and beams the info up to the head-unit on the bars. The difference is in the interface which looks more Gran Turismo* than Tour de France, all analog dials and twisting knobs.

The speed is shown with a needle on a dial and the mileage (or, in this case, kilometer-age) reads out on a retro-style odometer that can be switched from trip-distance to total distance at the slide of a switch. The wheel-size, which needs to be input for this kind of rotation-counting setup, is dialed in via a knob on the magnet-sensor unit.

And now the flaw, although not really a big one. The Bicycle Speedometer has a built-in electronic “bell”, triggered by pulling back on that side lever. The sound would be both a drain on batteries and less loud than a proper metal ding-a-ling model, and the holes to let out the sound would also let in the water.

Ditch the bell and I’m sold. The device is mounted with a leather-covered clip. Classy.

Bicycle Speedometer

Peugeot Concept Bike Channels Tron

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These days, the Peugeot brand is associated more with fixed-gear conversion of old road bikes (those old Peugeot racing frames are well made and good looking) than with modern design. But this hot concept design, the B1K, could mark either a return from Peugeot. Or they could just be the dreams of a fevered employee. Read more…
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