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Germany’s 198-GW wind power potential can replace nuclear – study

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wind power

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Germany’s onshore wind energy potential alone can provide sufficient electricity supply enough to replace nuclear power.

This is according to the study of the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology that was initiated by the German Wind Energy Association.

As of 2010, Germany ranks third in total global installed wind power capacity with around 27.2 gigawatts. This follows the United States with 40.2 GW and China with 44.7 GW.

According to the study, harnessing all the existing wind resource potential can yield 198 GW of installed capacity, which can provide up to 65 percent of the current electricity demand.

R.W.E. president Hermann Albers said the onshore wind energy can provide 390 terawatt-hours out of the current 600 terawatt-hours electricity consumption every year, showing the ability of wind energy to replace nuclear power.

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Iberdrola first to build in Europe’s largest wind complex

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Iberdrola Renovables

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Iberdrola Renovables, a Spanish multinational wind power corporation, began building its 80-megawatt wind farm in Romania on a site that will be Europe’s largest wind complex.

The 80-MW Mihai Viteazu wind farm is Iberdrola’s first project in the country. It is also the first step in the construction of the Dobrogea wind complex.

The Dobrogea wind complex will be the site of as many as 50 to 55 wind farms with a total combined capacity of up to 1,500 MW to be connected to the Romanian national grid. This will be the largest volume of grid-connected wind power in Europe to date.

The Mihai Viteazu facility will be the first to be built in the entire complex. It will be located in the Constanza district in the Dobrogea region southeast of Romania, 23 miles west from the Black Sea. Read more…

India could see 65.2 GW of wind power installed by 2020, according to study

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India has the potential to install a total of 65.2 gigawatts of wind power by 2020, states a study called Wind Energy Outlook 2011.

The study was a collaboration between The World Institute of Sustainable Energy, a policy think tank and wind energy associations the Global Wind Energy Council and Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association.

Wind Energy Outlook 2011 examines the potential of wind power in India up to the year 2030.

The study projects that India will have an increase of 79 percent in total wind power installations by 2020 from the 13.1 GW of 2010, with a cumulative growth of around 13 GW yearly. By 2030, estimated installed capacity could reach as much as 160.7 GW. Read more…

Wind Turbine Makers Working on Giant Offshore Turbines

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Most offshore wind turbines currently in use are 5 MW and under, but that won’t be the case for long.  Many of the major wind turbine makers are trying to go bigger, bigger, bigger.

Turbine company Vestas recently revealed a 7 MW offshore wind turbine design called the V164 that has three 80-meter-long blades and is 187 meters tall.  The sweep area of the turbine will be 21,124 square meters.  The V164 will generate 30 percent more energy per ton than current turbines and the power needed to produce the turbines themselves will be paid back in 10 months of use. The V164 could be built sometime next year.

California-based turbine company Clipper is working on a 10 MW turbine called the Britannia, which they plan to unveil in 2012, while Norwegian company Sway is working on a floating turbine of the same size.

One of the advantages to these super-sized turbines is construction costs.  A large part of the cost of an offshore wind farm comes from the underwater foundations that support the turbines, so if you can generate more power from a single turbine, then you reduce the amount of foundations you need.  Also, it allows for an easier scaling up of wind farm energy output by adding a few larger turbines rather than a lot of smaller ones.

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Eco shocker: Turbine Light concept uses wind to light highways

05/09/2010 1 comment

Ingenious, eco-friendly concepts are all around us, there’s no denying that. This one caught our eye because it’s pretty innovative, seemingly well thought out, and good looking to boot. The Turbine Light concept harnesses the power of the wind from cars rushing past to light up the ever-darkening roadways. The turbines use the wind collected to generate energy for the lighting. 

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