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Nissan Is Open To China Green Car Alliance

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Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd

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Nissan Motor is open to a green car alliance with Chinese automakers, a senior executive said, as it moves to tap the fledgling industry in the world’s largest auto market.

Nissan, 44% held by Renault, is joining General Motors and others in the race for green vehicles which according to analysts, could be the next industry gold mine.

“It’s impossible to develop electric vehicles alone. Joint effort is a more feasible solution,” Yasuaki Hashimoto, president of Nissan China Investment Co, said in an interview.

“Mr Li had also said the alliance won’t stop at the existing 16 member companies only. It can be expanded,” Hashimoto said, referring to Li Rongrong, head of China’s state asset watchdog who has recently retired.

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Hyundai FCV Fuel Cell Car To Be Launched 3 Years Earlier Than Toyota’s

07/09/2010 1 comment

Fuel cell cars have just begun to show up shyly, and the competition starts to intensify in this market segment. Toyota, who has already announced a $50,000 price tag on their first hydrogen fuel cell car, is being “beaten” by Hyundai, who announced that their first fuel cell vehicle will be available three years earlier than Toyota and of course the other automakers. Pretty optimistic someone could say.

Hyundai announced that it plans to have ready for sale 10,000 units by 2015, when all the others will only have made their first deliveries of fuel cell cars. 1,000 units are planned to be shipped in 2013 and will mainly go to fleets and organizational buyers. 500 fuel cell vehicles will be available for sale during 2012.

Underlying technology for its hydrogen tanks has not yet been unveiled by Hyundai.   Read more…

Zero Moto electric concept motorcycle

07/09/2010 1 comment

No doubt, electric cars / motos provide a clean, green and eco friendly mode of transportation. No doubt however, that their operating range still remains at low – compared to conventional vehicles – levels, therefore providing a major obstacle to their further penetration in the market.

Trying to deal with this matter, auto designers have been trying to come up with new ideas and interested concepts like the Zero Moto, proposed by the designer Wes Rhoad.

zero moto electric concept motorcycle by wes rhoad_3

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Toyota Prius Best-Selling Car in Japan for August

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Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid

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Toyota’s Prius was the top selling car in Japan during August. This happends for the 16th consequetive month and is mainly explained from local incentives which have driven further more demand for hybrid cars.

The Prius, Toyota Motor Corp.’s best-selling gasoline-gas hybrid, sold 22,263 of the cars during August 2010.

However, sales of Prius in August, were the lowest ones during the year and there worries that sales may further lower as government incentives will stop during the end of this month in Japan.

Prius still remained Toyota’s best seller model despite massive global recalls  for issues including faulty floor mats and defective gas pedals.

Mitsubishi Electronic Research Laboratories develops roaming charging stations for EVs

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Mitsubishi Logo

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One of the most critical factors concerning the penetration of EVs in the market has to do with the availability of charging stations nearby your route. Thinking of that, the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories in Cambridge, Massachusetts have come up with a great idea of portable charging stations.

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Daimler and BYD team up to manufacture electric cars in China

05/09/2010 1 comment

German automobile manufacturer Daimler A.G. and China’s BYD Company Limited will make a $87.7 million investment in order to establish a R&D center that will focus on the development of electric vehicles in China.

The Shenzhen BY Daimler New Technology Company will capitalize on Daimler’s expertise on electric vehicle architecture and safety and BYD’s know-how of battery technology and electric drive systems to develop a new generation of electric vehicles. Developed cars, will be marketed under a new joint brand name.

“Our new joint venture is well positioned to make the most of the vast potential of electric mobility in China. The establishment of the joint center will strengthen the company’s growing presence in an important market. China is already the world’s second largest automobile market, and a 2008 study by McKinsey & Company predicts that the Chinese market will overtake the United States by 2030” said Dieter Zetsche, chairman of the board of management of Daimler.

This market boom is expected to put an enormous strain on the country’s energy resources and the environment, leading the Chinese automakers to turn toward various alternatives such as electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles.

Daimler is a leader company in upscale market and will introduce two electric Mercedes-Benz cars this year, the B-Class F-Cell vehicle with fuel cell technology and the battery electric vehicle A-Class E-Cell.

Meanwhile, BYD established itself as the first manufacturer in China to commercialize taxi business with its e6 pure electric vehicle. The Chinese company has invested in developing advanced battery technology since 1995 and has been rapidly growing in the automotive sector since 2003.

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