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Apple earnings well beyond Wall Street forecasts

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Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Apple reported their quarter earnings that exceeded analysts’ expectations for their sales of iPods, iPhones, and Macs. Apple’s shares increased by about more than 5% in extended trading.

The company said that they earned $3.07 billion, or $3.33 a share, in its fiscal second quarter, which was $1.33 a share a year before. Most recent sales went up to $13.5 billion, which was $8.163 billion last year.

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Top 10 Touch Screen Devices

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1. Archos 7

The is a 7-inch contact concealment tool, which is a incurvature broadcasting or media player. Add photos, movies, videos, penalization and more. It has a by choice Web covering with flooded HTML display. Can grownup tv channels and broadcasting finished WiFi connectivity.

Archos 7

2. iPhone 3G-S


Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

The apple iPhone is the coolest gadget in the world. It has a 3.5 progress multi contact concealment for feeding with apple’s expedition browser. It has a beatific camera quality.

The apple iPhone has the appstore which includes jillions of covering fashioned meet for the iPhone. Scratch liberated screen, uncreased touch, awing looks makes this gadget a hit!

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SteadyCam Pro App offers real-time image stabilization for iPhone videos

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SteadyCam Pro provides real-time image stabilization for videos captured with an iPhone 4SteadyCam Pro provides real-time image stabilization for videos captured with an iPhone 4

The video capture capabilities found in today’s mobile phones has made it easier than ever to record those priceless memories whenever and wherever they may occur. However, one of the downsides to cramming a video camera into such a small device is the lack of stability that often results in videos that look like they were shot the morning after a big night.

With a full-blown steadycam rig probably not the best solution for smoothing out things on the go, Midnox has created an app that provides real-time image stabilization for the iPhone 4.

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A New Smartphones’ Application from Tawkon Measures Exposed Radiation

08/09/2010 Comments off

Israeli start-up firm Tawkon has developed a new software that measures mobile telephone handset radiation. The goal is to help users reduce exposure to emissions without giving up their phones.

Tawkon’s (pronounced talk-on) application is already available for Research In Motion‘s BlackBerry handsets and will be launched for Google‘s Android-based phones and Nokia‘s Symbian later this year.

“We are the first solution that can be downloaded to a phone,” Tawkon co-founder and CEO Gil Friedlander told Reuters.

Until now radiation emissions were measured with an external device. In many countries handset manufacturers must disclose the maximum level of radiation emitted and similar legislation is starting to appear in the United States.

The application monitors the phone user and if radiation levels reach a certain threshold called the “red zone” an alert is emitted along with suggestions to minimize exposure.

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Dell moves back up to #2 position in global PC sales, Acer slips to 3rd, HP still reigns supreme

05/09/2010 Comments off

Dell moves back up to #2 position in global PC sales, Acer slips to 3rd, HP still reigns supreme


Acer Chairman JT Wang is quick to say that he thinks that iPad sales are only going down from here, but maybe he should listen to that age-old idiom: people in fragile economies shouldn’t throw stones. According to iSuppli‘s latest report on the global PC market, Acer slipped down to third place after losing 6.2 percent of its market share compared to last quarter.

Dell, meanwhile, lost a relatively slim 1.2 percent of its share, bumping it back up to second place — a position it had previously given up to Acer. Meanwhile HP still sits on top, commanding 18.1 percent of the market share, though that too is down, 6.3 percent over last quarter. Still, all three are well up over last year, an encouraging sign in these supposedly troubling times.

Drip Detective iPhone iPad App

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Have you ever wondered how much that leaking faucet or constantly dripping shower is costing you? You won’t need to wonder any longer because Drip Detective will show you exactly how much water is running down your drain.

Drip Detective only takes a few seconds to quickly and accurately show you the amount of water and the cost associated with any water leak. Drip detective was designed to make it easy to determine your water costs whether your leak is a slow drip, or a constantly running stream of water.

Features include:

    Drip Detectivebuy Drip Detective in the iPhone App Store 

  • Tap Screen (best for measuring slow leaks) – Simply tap the screen each time a drip falls from your faucet. After just a couple taps, Drip Detective determines the average drip rate.
  • Measure Volume Screen (best for measuring fast leaks) – Select any of the volumes listed (i.e., teaspoon, tablespoon, pint, … gallon, or metric volumes), place the selected container underneath the leaking faucet and time how long it takes to fill the container.
  • Supports both Metric and American volumes.
  • Calculates the amount of water wasted each day, week, month and year.
  • Calculates the cost of your water leak each day, week, month and year.

Apple rolls out new iPods, social iTunes

02/09/2010 Comments off

There were few surprises at Apple’s annual music event Wednesday, but as usual there are new iPods for the holiday season and a new version of Apple TV. Here’s a quick recap of what Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced Wednesday in San Francisco.

• Apple released a new version of iOS–iOS 4.1–that fixes bugs and brings the previously announced Game Center API for developers to use in building social-networking games. Also, iOS 4.2 will be released later this year, which will unify the software on iPhones and iPads as well as stream music to other devices over Wi-Fi.

• Three new iPods were announced: an iPod Shuffle that ditches the previous no-button style in returning to a more classic look; a smaller iPod Nano that now has a touch screen but can no longer play video; and a thinner iPod Touch that has most of the features first introduced on the iPhone 4. The new iPods will be available next week.

• Apple announced iTunes 10, available immediately, which comes with a new logo and a social music service called Ping that lets you see what your friends are listening to and make comments and recommendations.

• A much cheaper and smaller Apple TV will ship later this month as Apple tries to revive interest in what Jobs has long called “a hobby.” It will cost $99, and users can rent HD TV shows from iTunes as well as other partners, such as ABC and Fox. They can also access Netflix’s streaming service from the box.

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