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A Remote Control for Your Shower

21/05/2011 Comments off

Kohler‘s been busy gadgetizing the bathroom for a few years with its DTV system. Now it’s added the DTV Prompt, a digital showering controller that mounts on the wall and lets users precisely select water temperature with its touch controls.

In essence, it’s a wall-mounted electronic shower remote with a one-button pause control. DTV Prompt works with up to two shower heads or faucets, letting users toggle between one or the other with a button push.

Before getting into the shower, the system’s “warm-up and pause” feature lets a user select the desired temperature. As soon as the water heats up to that level, it pauses the flow, awaiting a touch to begin showering, saving water in the meantime.

Further water and energy savings are possible with a countdown timer that can be set from four to 12 minutes, warning the user with a beep when there are two minutes and one minute left.

The controller, available in four different finishes, can be installed up to 20 feet away from the valves that control the water flow and temperature.

The DTV Prompt, priced at $187 for the controller and $455 for the thermostatic valve (plus installation), is a lower-cost addition to the Kohler DTV (Digital Thermostatic Valve) system. It was first introduced in 2006 with a $2,000 touchscreen shower controller that seemed modern at the time.

DTV Prompt Diagram

The World’s Most Sexiest Hotel Showers

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World’s Sexiest Hotel Showers

Hey now. Travel + Leisure takes a look at design-forward hotel showers—with tech savvy touches or incredible views—that make a room worth booking. And we can’t manage to look away. Check out some of the best:

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Salone Satellite 2011

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Yatzer made a selection from the projects which were presented during the Fourteenth Edition of Salone Satellite from April 12 – 17 2011, at Milan Fairgrounds, Rho, Pavilions 22 – 24.  Discover the youthful creativity through the Yatzer eye which selected the TOP50 designs, amongst hundreds that were displayed from 700 young designers and 20 design schools. Read more…

Primitive Living in Saijo, Hiroshima

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exterior view /// photo © Toshiyuki Yano (Nacasa&Partners Inc.)

exterior view /// photo © Toshiyuki Yano (Nacasa&Partners Inc.)

Design: Suppose Design Office, Japan
Lead Architect: Makoto Tanijiri
Site area: 246 m2
Building area: 50.41 m2
Total floor area: 115.51m2

“When I always create, I think that I want to find the charm of the plan,” claims 35 year old talented architect Makoto Tanijiri, chief architect of Suppose Design Office. In the nine year existence of Suppose Design Office they have built more than 50 works of architecture, almost all single-family homes, among other projects. The impressive number of works completed topped up in 2007 with the modern pit dwelling in Saijo, Hiroshima. In Saijo, a town known for it sake, a jet black pyramid unexpectedly stands out; when first seen it seems as if it’s a house from the future. On the contrast, it’s actually inspired by the earliest house in Japanese architecture; the pit dwelling or the “tateana jukyo”. Constructed during the Yayoi era (200 B.C. – 250 A.D.), pit dwellings were built by digging a circular pit (or rectangular one with rounded edges) fifty or sixty centimeters deep and five to seven meters in diameter, then covering it with a steep thatched roof. Not very different from talented young architects Makoto Tanijiri’s modern day pit dwelling! Read more…

A Private House in the island of Tinos, Greece

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photo (c) Yiorgos Kordakis

There is a symbolic island, a gem with the essence of calmness and serenity in Cyclades, Greece. Its beauty is picturesque and it reminds you of all that is idealic. This heaven is Tinos. On this island we discovered a private house designed by Greek Zege architects which represents all that Tinos stands for. Respecting its architectural surroundings and capturing the day to day beauty and simplicity, the architects created this private residence as it was meant to be designed for Tinos. Responsible for the interiors of the house was Greek interior designer Marilyn Katsaris, who is also its owner. Read more…

Beautiful Norwegian Foliage-Covered Green Roofs

08/05/2011 1 comment

Green roofs may be a newer phenomenon in many places, but Norwegians have been planting greenery atop their houses for hundreds of years. Some have flowers mixed in with grass, and a few even have small trees. The verdant roofs have many advantages like the fact that they help stabilize homes, provide good insulation and are long-lasting.

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Portland, ME Airport about to Use Geothermal Heating

07/05/2011 1 comment

Seal of the United States Federal Aviation Adm...

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Portland, Maine is expanding its airport and with the renovation comes a new geothermal system for heating and cooling. The builders estimate the system will save the airport 50,000 gallons in heating oll a year. The system will consist of a 120 wells and a series of fluid-filled pipes running about 500 feet under an employee parking lot.


The parking lot will act as a heat sink and underground temperatures should stay at around 55 degrees year-round. In the summers, the fluid in the pipes will help provide cooler air to the airport, while in the winter, the fluid will help heat the air to 55 degrees before the building’s heating system takes over. Read more…

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