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E.U. grants aid to Sharp, Enel, STMicroelectronics merger for Italian PV investment

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European Commission

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The European Commission has granted 49.06 million euros ($69.99 million) in aid to the joint venture of Sharp Corporation, Enel Green Power SPA, and STMicroelectronics for photovoltaic investment in eastern Italy.

The joint venture created the company 3Sun SrL, which will invest 358.68 million euros for the production of PV modules in Catania, an Italian city in the east coast of Sicily.

The plant will produce thin-film PV modules with a projected 240 megawatts per year production capacity. It’s completion is expected by the end of 2012.

Italy generated 193 gigawatt-hours of electricity from solar PV in 2008, estimated by the International Energy Agency. Read more…

All-electric garbage trucks to sweep French streets

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The lumbering, polluting trucks that have collected garbage from French streets for years will soon become a noisy memory once a new generation of super quiet, all-electric vehiclesstarts making the rounds next week.

The zero-emission, made-in-France trucks are still large and bulky, but they promise to pack as much punch as their cousins with a vastly reduced impact on the environment and a relatively inoffensive, low humming engine sound.

The Paris suburb of Courbevoie, with over 70,000 residents, will receive the first all-electric trucks on May 12.

All existing trucks– which operate on dual electric and thermal motors – will eventually be replaced by the new vehicles, of which 11 will be in operation by the end of this year, according to SITA France, a subsidiary of waste management company Suez Environnement.

“The engineers faced a real challenge of how to make it all work together – how they would be able to minimize overall electrical usage and come up with the vehicle that we have here,” said SITA industrial director, Cyril Fraissinet.

In the works for the past three years, the all-white trucks with the words “clean vehicle” proudly displayed on their flanks were developed by French company PVI, which makes electrical vehicles for industry, and Semat, a division of Zoeller that makes collection vehicles.

The new generation of trucks operate on powerful lithium-ion batteries made by Dow Kokam, a division of Dow Chemical, that allows them to operate for eight hours without recharging.

A handful of French cities have experimented with electric garbage trucks in the past, but slow speeds and limited distances stood in the way of a wider rollout, SITA said.

The new garbage trucks are fully computer-operated and include a screen inside the front cabin so that the driver can see colleagues working behind the truck.

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Apprentice Formation Centre by AIR in France

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© Denis Ferratier    © Denis Ferratier © Denis Ferratier © David Boureau © David Boureau

Architects:  AIR / Cyrille Hanappe & Olivier Leclercq
AIR in collaboration with Cyille Hanappe & Olivier Leclercq, hace recently finished the extension of the Apprentice Formation Center in Val-de-Marne department, near Paris. The key aim was to transform the extension in a compact and economic building. The new extension, achieves the composition of the complex of the Chambre des Métiers of the Val-de-Marne Departement, near Paris.

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Toyota To Build Hybrid Yaris Car In France

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The new headquarters of the Toyota Motor Corpo...

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Toyota Motor Corp plans to begin producing a hybrid version of the Yaris subcompact at its factory in France in the business year starting next April, the Mid-Japan Economist newspaper said.

The gasoline-electric Yaris, called Vitz in Japan, will be sold in Europe, the paper, owned partly by Toyota, reported without saying where it obtained the information.

A Toyota spokeswoman said the automaker could not comment on future product plans. A year ago, France’s La Tribune newspaper ran a similar report citing Toyota’s plans to build a small hybrid car at its Valenciennes factory, which builds the Yaris subcompact. A spokesman at the time had denied that such a plan was under consideration.

Hybrid cars have been a tough sell in Europe, which prefers diesel engines to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Toyota has said it plans to add the hybrid option across its entire lineup by around 2020, but has not announced plans for a gasoline-electric Yaris/Vitz.

Rival Honda Motor Co is about to launch a hybrid version of Jazz/Fit in the coming months, with plans to unveil the Jazz hybrid at the Paris motor show this month.

France’s €10bn offshore wind power investment ready to go

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The French government is set to announce plans for a €10bn (£8.2bn) offshore wind farm building programme. Key goal is the installation of 600 wind turbines located at 10 sites off the coast of France. The programme will be completed during the next 5 years. The official programme will be announced and a contracts tender for building and operating the wind farms will take place during the next month.

The project aims to provide 3,000MW of new wind energy capacity at a cost of about €3.5m per megawatt, estimating the total value of the investment programme to €10bn. The project is the first phase of a greater investment plan that aims to the installation of 6,000MW from offshore wind capacity by 2020.

The government official signalled that other sites being considered for development as part of the tendering process are off the coasts of Normandy, Britanny and Languedoc-Roussillon in the Mediterranean.

Although France relies heavily today to nuclear power, this investment programme provides evidence of France moving to more clean sources of energy in the years to come.

France unleashes $ 1.74 billion for clean energy technologies

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France has launched a major investment program worth 1.35 billion euros ($1.73 billion) to support the development of biofuels and other renewable energy projects over the next four years.

The French Environment and Energy Management Agency will provide 450 million euros in subsidies and 900 million euros in low-interest loans to support the development of emerging clean technologies, such as solar, marine and geothermal energy, as well as carbon capture and storage projects and green chemistry for biofuel development.

A total of 190 million euros are earmarked for 2010 and 290 million for each of the next four years. The French government is also seeking to attract about 2 billion euros in private investments to support the program.

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