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The Top 10 Solar States

03/05/2011 1 comment

A lineman installing solar panels in Totowa, N.J.Juan Arredondo for The New York Times A lineman installing solar panels in Totowa, N.J.


New Jersey is the nation’s second largest solar market behind California thanks to the state government’s commitment to increase the amount of electricity derived from renewable energy sources over the next decade.

But where are the other leaders in solar energy?

Here, courtesy of the Solar Energy Industries Association, is a Top 10 list for cumulative installed solar capacity in the United States as of 2010.

1. California: 47 percent with 971 megawatts

2. New Jersey: 14 percent with 293 MW

3. Colorado: 5 percent with 108 MW

4. Arizona: 5 percent with 101 MW

5. Nevada: 5 percent with 97 MW

6. Florida: 4 percent with 73 MW

7. New York: 3 percent with 54 MW

8. Pennsylvania: 3 percent with 54 MW

9. New Mexico: 2 percent with 45 MW

10. North Carolina: 2 percent with 42 MW

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Obama supports US Solar Industry with a $2 Billion Investment

05/09/2010 Comments off

President Obama has announced that two of America’s most established solar companies are set to receive up to $2 billion in loan guarantees in order to further expand the US solar industry.

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Sky Trough is the most efficient solar concentrator

05/09/2010 Comments off

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When it comes to producing solar power, efficiency is the key – efficiency of the panels, efficiency of the system’s collectors. A further factor to be taken into consideration is the efficiency of the solar concentration technology as SkyFuel claims.

The WARP concept provides electricity, water and clean air

04/09/2010 Comments off

warp solar energy generating sculpture_1a

To reduce the environmental effects of the inevitable growth of urbanism, Portugese deisgner Vasco Pinto Alves proposes a unique concept that provides energy, water, shade and also clean air just like natural trees do.

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Eco Tips: Getting Small Solar Panels for your residence

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Although building anything that involves complicated tools may seem daunting and expensive, this is only a small cost when considering the large benefits of solar panels. Most modern homes as well as renovated homes are now on use solar panels to increase their energy independence as well as to increase their energy efficiency.

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Breakout year expected as US solar sector posts 37% growth

03/09/2010 1 comment

The solar industry is expecting 2010 to be a “breakout year”, as new figures showed strong growth in 2009, despite the recession – particularly in the residential market.

Some 17,000 new jobs were created directly or indirectly by the solar industry as the nation’s generating capacity grew by 37%, pushing through the 2,000MW barrier for total output.  The pipeline of developments lined up in the US also suggests strong years ahead.   Read more…

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