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A Solar Energy House designed by Raif Kurt, relies entirely on natural resources

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The recent advancements in solar technology have reduced the cost of solar power, making designers think about new ways to make our lives self-sufficient and more eco friendly. Designer Raif Kurt came up with a new zero-energy house design that is powered entirely by renewable solar energy.

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Sky Trough is the most efficient solar concentrator

05/09/2010 Comments off

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When it comes to producing solar power, efficiency is the key – efficiency of the panels, efficiency of the system’s collectors. A further factor to be taken into consideration is the efficiency of the solar concentration technology as SkyFuel claims.

Coast Guard: Net Zero Housing Implementation

04/09/2010 Comments off

The U.S. Coast Guard has set a goal of a net zero carbon footprint for housing at their Southwest Harbor Base in Maine.  The base is using solar panels, solar hot water heaters and now a new wind turbine is under installation for their energy needs. 

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The Unique Porsche Design Office Building in Dubai

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For one more time Dubai intends to impress the world with a new absolutely unique building. The featured luxurious Porsche Design buildings will be the result of a partnership of the luxury design branch and Dubai Properties.

One building is a residence while the other is an office building. The buildings are designed for minimum solar impact due to Dubai’s climate conditions.

Using creative architecture designs like overlapping wings to increase air circulation, these Porsche Design buildings are designed to reduce the need for air conditioning while still keeping cool inside.

Plug-In Solar Systems by Clarian Technologies provides easy access to solar energy

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Solar power company Clarian Technologies has developed a new concept in residential solar power:  the solar appliance.  Just like a refrigerator or microwave, a homeowner can buy the Sunfish solar power system, plug it into any outdoor outlet and start feeding solar power into their home.

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