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Geely McCar : A Vehicle that Combines Car & Mototcycle

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Geely McCar Combines Car & Mototcycle

It’s certainly been too long since we’ve featured a cool vehicle. Geely McCar is cool, cute, and has an adorable name to match. Aww. In essence, Geely is an ultra compact, two-door, four-seater with a built-in, folding three wheeled electric scooter in the rear. When the scooter is docked, the car shares both its battery and electric motor to extend the all-electric range or ensure the scooter is fully charged. The vehicle is proposed as having choice of gas-electric hybrid or fully electric powerplants. Read more…

Better Place signs deal in China; State Grid wants 2,300 swap stations installed by 2015

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Btter Place switching station

Better Place has announced a strategic agreement with China Southern Power Grid Co. (CSG), the world’s eighth largest utility company. The first step of the deal calls for the establishment of a battery swapping station and joint education center in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou before year’s end. Meanwhile details of a full-blown joint-venture partnership will be formalized. Additionally, the Guangzhou city government will encourage local automakers to manufacture electric cars with switchable batteries.

CSG chairman, Zhao Jianguo, firmly believes that the “battery-switch model may become mainstream in China.” While Better Place founder and chief executive officer, Shai Aggasi, says that:

Our collaboration with China Southern and the support of the Guangzhou government open the door to new opportunities for switchable-battery electric cars made by Chinese manufacturers for the domestic and export markets.

Better Place sees a trend towards battery swapping being spearheaded by utility companies and local governments in China, says company spokesman John Proctor. Recently, at the “2011 International Forum on Electric Vehicle Pilot City an Industry Development” in Shanghai, the State Grid Corporation of China boldly announced that the nation will likely have more than 2,300 swapping stations installed by the end of 2015.
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Mitsubishi iMiEV Will Be Cheapest EV in U.S.

26/04/2011 1 comment

The popular Japanese EV, the Mitusbishi iMiEV, is finally coming to the U.S. next January and at $27,990 before incentives, it will be the cheapest plug-in car on the market.

The tiny all-electric will be eligible for some major incentives:  a $7,500 Federal tax credit, thousands more in state credits (California offers $5,000, Colorado $6,000, etc.), regional and local credits like the $3,000 rebate for residents of the San Joaquin Valley and some companies like Sony Pictures are offering up another $5,000 to employees.

In fact, if you are among the handful of Sony Pictures employees who reside in the San Joaquin Valley, you can get the iMiEV for about $8,000 after all the incentives are cashed in.  Pretty incredible.

Even if you’re not among that small group, you can expect to take at least $10,000 off the top, which puts this car in the range of something like the Honda Fit. For an additional $2,790, it comes with a DC fast-charge port that delivers an 80 percent battery charge in only 30 minutes.

Interested buyers can register to pre-order the vehicle starting today.

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Ford schedules entrance to E.V. market in 2012

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2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid with inset Ford's leaf...

Image via Wikipedia

The automobile giants Toyota and Ford unveiled their new entries into the hybrid electric vehicle market at the 2011 North American International Auto Show.

Ford’s C-MAX Energi and C-MAX Hybrid will hit the North American market in 2012 with the C-MAX Energi touted as the company’s pioneer venture into the production plug-in hybrid market.

Meanwhile, Toyota unveiled three new models of their Prius hybrid line to enter the markets in 2011 and 2012.

Pioneer plug-in hybrid

The Ford claims its C-MAX Energi can provide more than 500 miles of overall driving range through the combined electric-gasoline drivetrain – more than any other plug-in or extended-range electric vehicle in the market.

The C-MAX Energi has an electric drivetrain comprised of an electric traction motor powered by a high-voltage lithium-ion battery. This will be combined with a high-efficiency Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine to achieve optimum fuel efficiency. Read more…

Google installs wireless E.V. chargers from Evatran at its headquarters

10/04/2011 3 comments

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

A developer of a wireless electric vehicle charging device has found a partner in Google for testing its advanced charging technology as it aims for commercialization this year.

Evatran L.L.C. said Google installed its wireless electric car charger at the internet giant’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

The installation begins the first public trial of Evatran’s wireless electric vehicle charger, dubbed Plugless Power, which the company unveiled last year.

Instead of using an electrical outlet, the product features a charging pad where vehicles can park for a recharge. Read more…

Norway’s postal service to drive Ford Transit Connect Electric vans

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Green News, green postal service, Ford Transit Connect Electric van, Europe electric vehicle, Europe lithium ion battery, Ford electric vehicles, C-MAX Hybrid, C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid, electric van The Norwegian postal service ordered 20 units of the Ford Transit Connect Electric van in its continuing efforts to green its operations.

The purchase will make Norway Post the first European buyer of the zero-emission electric van. The contract includes an option for more orders in the future.

The Ford electric van is an updated electric version of the long-wheelbase Transit Connect light commercial vehicle. The van has a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour and a range of up to 130 km on a full charge.

With a carry cargo volume of 3.8 cubic meters and a maximum payload of 500 kilograms, the van is well suited to the postal agency’ predictably short range routes and frequent stops.

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Move Over Range Anxiety, The SIM-LEI Can Go 200 Miles On A Single Charge

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You may not be able to ride in this electric vehicle until 2013, but a Japanese car manufacturer has finally come up with an EV that can go over 207 miles on a single charge.

The SIM-LEI, developed by SIM-Drive Corporation, can also go from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds. Considering the Nissan LEAF has a range of about 100 miles per charge, this is a huge step up.

The Tesla Roadster, of course, has a similar range (as the SIM-LEI), but the SIM-LEI is a family sedan and would work for a completely different demographic.

According to the company’s press release, the “in-wheel motor and component built-in frame” helps with the fuel efficiency. Which essentially means that an electric motor is fitted within the hub of the vehicle’s two front wheels — and that’s what keeps the wheels going. Other contributing factors: an all steel monocoque body to reduce body weight, a high power density battery for efficient energy re-generation, and super low rolling friction resistance tires that reduce resistance.

The car actually uses the same battery as the LEAF, but because the engine directly powers the wheels in this case, no amount of energy is lost.

Range anxiety has been a huge deterrent for most first time EV buyers, and the technology used in this car could go a long way in curbing that problem for good. Of course, we’re going to have to wait two years to see this on the road, but at least we know it’s coming!

Via Smart Planet

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