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California remains United States’ green energy leader

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In as much as policies can drive the growth of renewable energy in every state, it takes time before their effects can be felt. Using a time-lag analysis, the United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory identified how states’ policies in 2005 generated more renewable energy only in 2007.

In its report State of the States 2009: Renewable Energy Development and the Role of Policy, the laboratory also stressed the impact of contextual factors in renewable energy development – sociological, economic, political and geographic.

Despite these factors, though, the United States has shown growth in green development, with several states asserting dominance in certain sectors.

Since hydroelectricity accounts for more than half of the renewables that the United States produced in 2007, setting it aside will be helpful in analyzing how states fared in other sectors.

California dominated green energy production, excluding hydroelectric, in terms of megawatt hours generated. The state, which led the country in biomass, geothermal and distributed solar megawatt-hours generated, chalked up nearly 25 million MWh of green energy produced. The figure surpasses by more than half what Texas generated at more than 10 million MWh.

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