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Talk Powerede Cell Phones?

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How cool would it be if your cell phone could gain all the power it needed to fuel your conversations by the actual sound of those conversations?  Scientists at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea think they’ve developed the technology that could soon have that very application.

The technology produces energy from the vibrations caused by sounds.  The prototype consists of tiny zinc oxide wires sandwiched between two electrodes.  A sound pad on top vibrates when hit by sound waves which causes the zinc oxide strands to compress and release.  That generates an electrical current that charges the battery.

Currently, the prototype has only been able to convert sound at high decibel levels like loud traffic to generate about 50 millivolts of electricity, but the scientists are hoping that changing the material the wires are made of will allow more energy to be produced from lower sound levels.

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SteadyCam Pro App offers real-time image stabilization for iPhone videos

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SteadyCam Pro provides real-time image stabilization for videos captured with an iPhone 4SteadyCam Pro provides real-time image stabilization for videos captured with an iPhone 4

The video capture capabilities found in today’s mobile phones has made it easier than ever to record those priceless memories whenever and wherever they may occur. However, one of the downsides to cramming a video camera into such a small device is the lack of stability that often results in videos that look like they were shot the morning after a big night.

With a full-blown steadycam rig probably not the best solution for smoothing out things on the go, Midnox has created an app that provides real-time image stabilization for the iPhone 4.

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Panasonic Unveils Solar Power Table That Wirelessly Charges Your Gadgets

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According to Akihabara News, Panasonic recently unveiled a solar table at Tokyo’s Security Show that harnesses QI technology to wirelessly charge your gadgets whenever you place them on the countertop! The solar panels located at the center of the table power a system of wireless charging pads. QI’s technology supports Cell phones, mobile devices and PDAs, so users needn’t lug their heavy wall-wart chargers around anymore.

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A New Smartphones’ Application from Tawkon Measures Exposed Radiation

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Israeli start-up firm Tawkon has developed a new software that measures mobile telephone handset radiation. The goal is to help users reduce exposure to emissions without giving up their phones.

Tawkon’s (pronounced talk-on) application is already available for Research In Motion‘s BlackBerry handsets and will be launched for Google‘s Android-based phones and Nokia‘s Symbian later this year.

“We are the first solution that can be downloaded to a phone,” Tawkon co-founder and CEO Gil Friedlander told Reuters.

Until now radiation emissions were measured with an external device. In many countries handset manufacturers must disclose the maximum level of radiation emitted and similar legislation is starting to appear in the United States.

The application monitors the phone user and if radiation levels reach a certain threshold called the “red zone” an alert is emitted along with suggestions to minimize exposure.

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Hybrid generator harvests solar and wind energy for portable electronics outdoors

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hybrid home generator concept by sun j vang_5

Industrial designer Sun-J Vang unveiled his Hybrid Home Generator concept appropriate for those who like spending much time outside their homes. 

The concept generator has both solar panels to harness the energy from the sun as well as a constantly flowing wind, to provide energy for your portable electronics. 

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