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Skype Office Interiors

17/04/2011 1 comment

Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Popular internet phone application Skype North America Headquarters trying to set themselves apart from their rivals in the Gulf region in Palo Alto California. When the project began in mind that the site had more to contribute than the initially estimated with a high ceiling which allows for hidden style industrial design, thereby increasing the scope for common ground.

Inspiration place at Skype Office Interiors 600x412 Skype Office InteriorsInspiration place at Skype Office Interiors

Teaching Room at Skype Officer Interiors 600x412 Skype Office InteriorsTeaching Room at Skype Officer Interiors

The site features various types of adaptive spaces for private meeting and break out areas. The relaxed atmosphere belies the industrious way in which the workers can use the space.

The minimalist approach contrasts the playful way in which the spaces have been finished. This clean uncluttered method provides an environment which encourages concentration and productivity while the creative and sometimes spontaneous spaces stimulates the workers.

The overall effect of the space is one in which people wish to be in thereby increasing the productivity of the workers and improving workplace satisfaction. An outstanding success.

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Hemeroscopium House: Not an average neighborhood house

13/04/2011 Comments off

Houses Hemeroscopium by Ensamble Studios presses constraints on what can be prefab architecture. The house is constructed of three giant concrete I-beam, two concrete segments of the irrigation channels and two steel beams, all anchored by a 20-ton granite slab. The entire structure took about a year for engineers but only about one week to build. 

Prefab House Pool Designs 600x350 Hemeroscopium House: Not your average neighborhood house
Prefab House Pool Designs

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