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Sonnenschiff solar city emphasizes on sustainable living

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Architects around the world have escalated efforts to build energy-efficient buildings that make the most of natural resources for energy and water. While some building rely on the use of solar energy to reduce grid electricity consumption, designers at Rolf Disch have created a net positive city in Freiburg, Germany that produces up to four times the amount of energy it consumes.

sonnenschiff solar city with solar panels_2

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BMW’s MINI to present its electric concept scooter at Paris Motor Show

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mini electric scooter concept_1

Have you ever seen a MINI on two wheels? This is what MINI, member of the BMW group, asks its 371,288 Facebook fans and showing them a new MINI that will run on two wheels.

No, the company isn’t hiring a new stunt driver to perform the task on a conventional 4-wheeled MINI, but is coming to the Paris Motor Show with a two-wheeled electric ride – a Mini Scooter.

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Daimler’s Smart zero emission electric scooter offers green urban mobility

11/09/2010 1 comment

electric scooter

A variety of green urban mobility solutions are hitting the news market. After recent confirmation by MINI for its electric scooter concept at the Paris Auto Show, Daimler seems ready to expand its Smart range of electric scooters. Although further details have not been unveiled yet, what seems to be sure is that the eScooter For Two as most likely will be called, it would be powered by lithium ion batteries with a range of 60 miles.

Highest priority is placed on safety and the electric scooter is expected to be equipped with a specially designed airbag to protect the rider against injury in the eventuality of sustaining a hit. The firm has already partnered up with Renault to produce the replacement for the ‘For Two’ in 2012, and will add a larger For Four version soon later on.

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Herzog & de Meuron by Duccio Malagamba

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VitraHaus ©

Herzog & de Meuron has been one of the few practices pushing new forms on architecture. They always start with something vernacular, extracting its inner essence and materializing it into something new that you will immediately understand by looking at the building. A dialog between art and the current state of our society, embodied on industrial facilities, residential projects, mixed use complexes.

A special on Herzog & de Meuron, is presented below from Barcelona-based photographer Duccio Malagamba.


A showroom for Vitra house furniture, using the image that we will associate to a house. The stacked volumes articulate a series of visual relations while containing a clear path for the visitors.


The Guangzhou Opera House designed by Zaha Hadid

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The new 70,000 sqm Opera House designed by Zaha Hadid in ,  is close to its competion stage. The Opera House includes 1,800 seats in the Grand theatre, entrance lobby & lounge, Multifunction hall, other auxiliary facilities & support premises. The main aim of Zaha Hadid is to confirm the city of  as one of Asia’s cultural centres.

Following there is a gallery of photos from the construction process of the Opera House which is almost ready to welcome Chinese citizens. Photos have been taken by Sharwe.

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Atrium House by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos in Valencia, Spain

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Fran Silvestre Arquitectos designed an eco House in a urban area of Valencia, Spain, where the key aim was to maximize the feeling of spaciousness.

To perform that two strategies were used. The principal was to release the largest possible in the middle of the house allowing individuals to enjoy a private space with a height and volume incalculable. The concept enhances the perimeter of contact with the outside housing, where land and housing understood as a continuum. On the other hand the existing slope to the ravine has been used to illuminate the basement, which enables individuals to host the program.   Read more…

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