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Kindle Books Surpass Print Books on Amazon

20/05/2011 Comments off


Amazon announced today that for its Kindle ebooks are now officially outselling all print books, including paperbacks and hardcover editions.  For every 100 print books sold, Amazon sells 105 Kindle books, a trend that the company expects to keep increasing.

The new figures do not inlcude the free ebooks, which would push the ratio of ebooks to print ones even further in the ebooks favor.  The numbers do include, however, print books that are not available in a Kindle edition. Read more…


Samsung leaving the e-paper business, citing cost issues

31/08/2010 Comments off

Samsung Electronics announced Monday that its halting production of e-paper due to cost issues.

While Samsung has yet to out an actual device boasting e-paper, but did show off a prototype late last year which boasted a color display. The official word from Samsung itself is that it will not actually exit the e-reader market, rather that it will produce a device with an LCD, with plans to launch said reader next year. We wait expectantly.

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