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Electrolux Invico solar-powered cooking plate cooks food on any surface

31/08/2010 Comments off

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Industrial designer Njegos Lakic is envisioning the future of cooking appliances, when systems that are safe and green will rule the market. The designer has come up with a conceptual cooking panel that is flexible and can be spread on any surface to cook food or prepare a steaming cup of coffee.

The Electrolux Invico, as Lakic calls his design, is a stylish heating plate equipped with a touchscreen LED panel. Whenever the user needs to cook, the plate can be spread over any hard surface to being with. Made from independent silicon blocks, the plate senses the presence of a metal object on it and provides heat using stored solar energy.

The user can select the heating time using the LED touchscreen display, after which the plate automatically turns off. Since the plate provides heat only to metal objects, it is completely safe if you have kids at your home.

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