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Hemeroscopium House: Not an average neighborhood house

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Houses Hemeroscopium by Ensamble Studios presses constraints on what can be prefab architecture. The house is constructed of three giant concrete I-beam, two concrete segments of the irrigation channels and two steel beams, all anchored by a 20-ton granite slab. The entire structure took about a year for engineers but only about one week to build. 

Prefab House Pool Designs 600x350 Hemeroscopium House: Not your average neighborhood house
Prefab House Pool Designs

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Shade Club as presented by Romanian Architect SquareONE

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Romanian architects SquareONE shared with us the interior design for this club in the basement of a residential building in the center of . Since the 90’s there were many clubs there some of them very successful. Some quiet scandalous. The last years before it was closed, the location was synonymous with some of the Romanian interlope world. So it had a bad name. After a period of almost 5 years the location was rented by two guys who hired us to do an eclectic glamorous club.

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Concrete Wallpapers

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 A new solution to cover blank and boring walls: wallpapers. Check out this ingenious product, via @Nordic_Design. The wallpaper can be applied with regular wall glue. For any further information as well as the various looks available, visit ConcreteWall.

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Apprentice Formation Centre by AIR in France

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© Denis Ferratier    © Denis Ferratier © Denis Ferratier © David Boureau © David Boureau

Architects:  AIR / Cyrille Hanappe & Olivier Leclercq
AIR in collaboration with Cyille Hanappe & Olivier Leclercq, hace recently finished the extension of the Apprentice Formation Center in Val-de-Marne department, near Paris. The key aim was to transform the extension in a compact and economic building. The new extension, achieves the composition of the complex of the Chambre des Métiers of the Val-de-Marne Departement, near Paris.

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