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Coda’s Electric Car is here and very soon available

31/08/2010 Comments off

While it looks like you can officially order Nissan’s all-electric LEAF this Tuesday, there’s another all-electric car option coming to market soon — within months — from startup Coda Automotive that’s promising a longer, more reliable, range. In an extended interview at Coda’s headquarters in Santa Monica, Calif. last Thursday, Coda CEO Kevin Czinger told us that Coda will start delivering electric sedans to customers in December, and he said the Coda Sedan can get 40 percent more driving range than the LEAF under most conditions. Czinger also told us that Coda just last week passed a crucial phase in its DOE loan application, and that the company is also in the process of raising another $125 million round of financing, with participation by Morgan Stanley.

While the deep-pocketed Nissan has been ramping up an all-out marketing bonanza around its LEAF (see the latest commercial here), which will be the first mass-produced all-electric car on the market, Coda — a venture-backed three-year-old startup — will be raising funds and also kicking its marketing and outreach into high gear over the next three months. Coda and Nissan have vastly different origins and some different intentions, but it’s easy to start making comparisons between their inaugural cars, given they are the first two all-electric mainstream-targeted cars on the market.

To read the full comparision click here.

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