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Join the congregation

20/05/2011 Comments off

A couple of weeks ago I was stalking a church conversion in Adelaide. Modern behind a traditional bluestone facade. A little too modern for some. Want to join this congregation instead? Such a pretty little church and definitely loads of space for preaching to the converted. Just outside Adelaide this time in Houghton. A divine transformation? Link here while it lasts. Read more…


Global energy ministers finalize plan on carbon capture and storage use

10/04/2011 Comments off

The Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant in Þing...

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Energy ministers have agreed to speed up worldwide deployment of carbon capture and storage technology as the three-day global ministerial meeting on clean energy has come to its conclusion.

The Clean Energy Ministerial gathers ministers from around the globe to discuss policies and programs that advance clean energy technology, which in turn improves energy efficiency, expands access to and enhances supply of clean energy.

“There can be no solution to climate change and energy security globally without carbon capture and storage,” stressed British energy and climate change secretary Chris Huhne during the meeting in Abu Dhabi.

Carbon capture and storage technology captures carbon dioxide from point power plants and other industrial facilities, and injects it deep underground.

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UN unveils web site for following climate funding

06/09/2010 Comments off

Map of developping countries, without least ad...

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The UN has launched a new web site designed to track climate funding commitments from industrialised countries. It has done so in a bid to boost confidence that developed economies are delivering on their commitment to provide $30bn (£19.4bn) in “fast-start” funding to help poorer nations combat climate change.

The Netherlands-hosted site, titled, was unveiled at a meeting of about 45 nations in Geneva.

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Britain prepares regulations for underwater carbon dioxide storage

05/09/2010 Comments off

Government Ensign of Great Britain

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Britain’s Department of Energy and Climate Change will lay down the regulations for the licensing of carbon dioxide storage under the sea bed.

The government of Britain earlier held a consultation with developers and other stakeholders regarding the licensing, to gather views on a broad structure of the planned licensing system.

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