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2011′s 10 Most Ethical Destination Countries

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2011′s 10 Most Ethical Destination Countries

Planning or dreaming up a vacation this year? Why not aim ethically? Combine your consideration of beautiful, eco-friendly accommodations, local eats and low-impact transportation with big picture attention to a destination’s political stability, social standards and environmental ratings. Planet Green‘s list of 2011′s 10 Most Ethical Destination Countries presents Ethical Traveler’s research. Collecting data from a pool of highly reputed sources like the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), a joint initiative between Yale and Columbia University, the UN Development Program (UNDP), and Amnesty International, they rank high-minded countries making strides in environmental protection, social welfare, and human rights.

Barbados ranks high thanks to their organization of the Caribbean Green Economic Conference for 2011, to discuss opportunities and challenges to developing a green economy in the region. Read more…

The Wadi Rum Rock Resort

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Wadi Rum Rock Resort

Wadi Rum Resort is a concept created by Florida-based Oppenheim Architecture + Design for an 80,000-square-foot hotel in Wadi Rum, Jordan that will become a reality in 2014 when the rock is cut away and rooms are built in its facade. Wadi Rum is a stretch of desert in Jordan where there are rock formations and ancient rock paintings and carvings. With this resort, Oppenheim offers a harmonious unity between nature and man, working with the native materials and formations to guide their design. Read more…

The World’s Most Sexiest Hotel Showers

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World’s Sexiest Hotel Showers

Hey now. Travel + Leisure takes a look at design-forward hotel showers—with tech savvy touches or incredible views—that make a room worth booking. And we can’t manage to look away. Check out some of the best:

Read more…

Cuximala, An Environmental Luxury Nest – Mexico

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Cuximala, An Environmental Luxury Nest – Mexico

Cuixmala, a luxurious and protected habitat sitting at the Pacific Coast of Mexico, houses over a mile of lush vegetation, golden sand beaches and lagoons. All of this natural beauty if surrounded a plethora of luxurious villas and private casitas. If service, setting and environmental experience is what you are looking for, Cuixmala delivers an exceptional product. With its own organic farms, Biosphere and protected habitat for endangered species, Cuixmala demonstrates that luxury does not have to be impacted by the commitment to maintain an environmentally integrated development.

via Yatzer

Geely McCar : A Vehicle that Combines Car & Mototcycle

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Geely McCar Combines Car & Mototcycle

It’s certainly been too long since we’ve featured a cool vehicle. Geely McCar is cool, cute, and has an adorable name to match. Aww. In essence, Geely is an ultra compact, two-door, four-seater with a built-in, folding three wheeled electric scooter in the rear. When the scooter is docked, the car shares both its battery and electric motor to extend the all-electric range or ensure the scooter is fully charged. The vehicle is proposed as having choice of gas-electric hybrid or fully electric powerplants. Read more…

10 Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in the U.S.

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10 Eco-Friendly Places to Stay in the U.S.

These days you’ll find that more and more hotels are putting up placards and hang tags encouraging guests to reuse towels and sheets on multi-night stays. But there are some hostels and hotels that are stepping up their green efforts even more. Kristin Conard of Matador Network recently listed 10 eco-friendly places to stay in the U.S. that will help you leave a smaller footprint as you travel, with options from spending $25 to $300 a night. Read more…

Bella Sky Hotel – Copenhagen

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Bella Sky Hotel – Copenhagen

The Bella Sky Hotel and Conference Center, designed by 3XN Architects, will open next Monday in Copenhagen, becoming one of the largest hotels in Scandinavia. The dramatic twin towers twist and lean as they reach for the sky allowing all of the guests optimal views over the nature park ‘Amager Common’ located nearby. The hotel is in the new Ørestad neighborhood and has 814 rooms and 30 conference rooms. Its triangular patterned facade, which may be a little on the wild side, was designed with a purpose: to minimize solar heat gain and maximize energy efficiency. Read more…

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