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Bella Sky Hotel – Copenhagen


Bella Sky Hotel – Copenhagen

The Bella Sky Hotel and Conference Center, designed by 3XN Architects, will open next Monday in Copenhagen, becoming one of the largest hotels in Scandinavia. The dramatic twin towers twist and lean as they reach for the sky allowing all of the guests optimal views over the nature park ‘Amager Common’ located nearby. The hotel is in the new Ørestad neighborhood and has 814 rooms and 30 conference rooms. Its triangular patterned facade, which may be a little on the wild side, was designed with a purpose: to minimize solar heat gain and maximize energy efficiency.

They have an overall sustainability plan for running the hotel and hope to achieve an environmental certification in the near future. The hotel also offers electric vehicle plugins for their guests who arrive in eco style.

The towers lean out at a staggering 15 degrees in each direction (11 degrees more than the leaning tower of Pisa), which is making the building an iconic landmark for the area.

via Inhabitat

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