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department of architecture: hilton pattaya hotel


‘hilton pattaya hotel’ by department of architecture
images courtesy of department of architecture

‘hilton pattaya hotel’ by bangkok studio, department of architecture is a
luxury hotel located in pattaya, thailand. designed around abstract notions
of the sea, the hotel features a series of site specific installations that mimic
movements and patterns of the beach and underwater landscapes.

corridors and transition areas are given special focus with sculptural and
rich treatments that looks to engage visitors in the otherwise leftover spaces.



a casual dining room located on the 14th floor is a large volume, with windows
that span the entire eight meter height. tables that occupy two levels oppose the
large glazed wall with the main spatial organization directed towards the sea.
a step-down terrace outside keeps the view unobstructed while natural materials
and light colors inside unite the interior and exterior environments.



entrance to fine dining restaurant

an upscale fine dining restaurant located one floor up provides privacy and exclusivity
for the guests. the design explores a mediating means of space demarcation between
pockets or private dining. translucent volumes of sheer fabric create loose divisions in
the space, providing intimate enclosures. a deep color palette gives an even further
perplexing depth that is accentuated by light and shadow.

fine dining restaurant

booths in fine dining restaurant

the sky lobby and bar located on the 17th floor features a design that allures guests
stepping out of the elevators towards the window and sea beyond. layers of rippling
fabric, swaying with the breeze of air conditioning vents, consume the entire ceiling.
the fabric installation is an articulation of hundreds of curving lines that mimic the
surface of the ocean. outside, more than half of the bar area is turned into a large reflecting
pond with floating droplet-inspired daybeds connected by a narrow walkway.

sky lounge and bar

view from rooftop terrace into sky lounge and bar

rooftop terrace

floor plan / restaurant

floor plan / fine dining restaurant

floor plan / sky lounge and bar

ceiling plan / sky lounge and bar

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