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Hypermiling Race Car Gets 2,564.8 MPG



At the Shell Eco-marathon, a race of fuel efficiency, the team from Université Laval in Quebec took top honors with a race car that squeezed out an amazing 2,564.8 mpg.

At the Eco-marathon, speed and performance aren’t important, but going as far as possible on a single gallon of gasoline is.  The winning team has held top honors for three years in a row with their Alerion Supermileage three-wheeled, one-person vehicle.

The Alerion looks like it belongs on a monorail track.  It consists of a carbon fiber frame designed to put aerodynamics first and it only comes up to about knee-high from the ground.

While such a design is completely impractical in real-world situations, this team could teach the major automakers a thing or two about maximizing aerodynamics and efficiency.  After all, the second place finishers were 766.1 miles behind them.

via Wired

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