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Electronics Companies Vow to Triple E-Cycling Rates



A group of consumer electronics companies have vowed to up their e-cycling rates to 1 billion pounds a year by 2016, which would more than triple the amount of electronic waste recycled in 2010 (300 million pounds). The project is called the eCycling Leadership Initiative and was coordinated by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).


Some of the major companies that have signed on to increase their e-cycling efforts include Best Buy, Toshiba and Sony, but the project will see a wide range of players all working together to meet the goal.

Manufacturers, retailers, collectors, recyclers, non-profits and local and federal government will all participate in increasing consumer awareness of existing collection sites, developing more opportunities for e-cycling and setting standards for proper disposal.

One major area that this project will address is recycler third party certification to ensure that old electronics end up where the consumer and companies intended and not just shipped to dumps overseas. One of the main reasons that many consumers don’t recycle their electronics is not knowing how or where to do it. To help solve that problem, the CEA will launch online tools that guide consumers to the appropriate recycling venues for their electronics. via www.ecogeek.org

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