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Cruiser with Alp View – Pasing Arcaden München


It might sound strange, but it’s somewhat true – since the 270 meter long new building of the Pasing Arcades along the ICE railway line StuttgartMunich looks like a luxury cruiser on the dry dock, however, not by the water, but next to Pasing station.


The water analogy is not a joke, by the way, but a quotation by the architects Allmann Sattler Wappner from the Principal’s press releases. Another possibility to “brand” a building, since this today’s fourth large shopping mall in town needs to stand out from its competitors OEZ, PEP and the Riem Arcades.

The location is well selected. In direct proximity of Pasing station, only five driving minutes away from Munich central station and handling another ICE stop, the urban railway to the airport and regional as well as nation-wide services – an estimated 85,000 passenger getting on, off and changing trains move across the premises. Fantastic preconditions for a shopping center operator and a fact that doesn’t need to be explained really taken into account that making an agreement with a battlesome great land owner and the purchase of an adjacent industrial estate all happened in almost no time.

A few days before the solemn opening ceremony this place was still busy. Hammering could be heard all over the place, holes were filled up, cables were laid, floors were polished, and the visual merchandise ladies had to handle a nightshift. However, on opening day the shop fronts of the fashion savvy tenants – a gap in the buying power offer of Pasing so far, as the developer wishes to have analyzed, evaluated and realized – were one by one tarted up to welcome the predicted 60,000 visitors. Do they really appreciate the unique visual effect of the façade consisting of thousand of diamond shapes, which, according to the architects, “not only protects, but also unites, corrects, contradicts the building lines at hand and dissolves them visually”? The residents of the 80 flats located on shopping level have every reason to be happy. Since no matter how their homes are perceived from the outside, when the weather is nice they will be able to look right into the Alps – according to the marketing campaign, that is. Holiday feeling and quiet – annoying, however, that opening day also marks the beginning of the second construction stage which means the excavators are waiting already once more …

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