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Multi-functional Transfer Machine – Office Block “Squaire“ at Frankfurt Airport


An over-sized ICE? A long spaceship? Or rather a gigantic airplane fuselage? After more than four years of construction time and numerous delays the 660 m long, 65 m wide and 35 m high office, shopping and hotel block “The Squaire” at City Frankfurt Airport is finally nearly completed. This new building, designed by JSK Architects, has been erected right on the already existing international train station and provides a flowing transfer between rail, airplane and car and features a roughly 200,000 sqm large business area across nine generously glazed floors.

The opening of the building is scheduled to take place in several stages during the next few months. Main tenants are two Hilton hotels and the KPMG accounting firm. Apart from that, about 90,000 sqm of additional office, retail and food service areas as well as a directly adjacent parking block have been integrated. The new building’s name is a mixture of the English words “square” and “air“.

In order to realize the ideas of the main investor, IVG Immobilien AG from Bonn, of a multi-functional property along with a perfect connection to the important traffic hub of Frankfurt Airport, the approx. 960 million Euro office city has been erected right on the roof of the already existing ICE international train station. The all in all 86 V-shaped pilotis, which can be seen from the outside, emphasizes the organically curved architecture’s futuristic character of steel and glass. Particularly impressive views can be experienced from the A3 Autobahn running along the building. However, due to the enormous size of the building, cars need, depending on their speed, 15 to 20 seconds to pass the building along its whole length!


Compared to this, the interior design presents itself in an almost conventional manner. The inner courtyard with its new shopping mall is designed as the heart of the two outer building blocks. The glass covered, roughly 25 high hall is supposed to combine the various functionalities within the new building to a visual whole and to allow for an optimized day light supply of the inner offices. A central architectural element of the inner part is the domed roof above the station hall, a roof which has been kept the way it was during the construction measures. The filigree construction makes the direct closeness between the two functions clear and thus visualizes the planners’ aspiration to be able to switch between ICE, car, airplane, work place, malling, restaurant or hotel in a flowing manner at the Squaire. Safe, comfortably and without losing any time. Like in a gigantic transfer machine.

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