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Hydrogen fuel cell cabs arrive in London

A TX4 Taxi at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.

Image via Wikipedia

Intelligent Energy has announced that the first of their hydrogen fuel cell black cabs have taken to the streets of London. The zero emission cabs have a fuel cell and a battery that allows them to travel up to 250 miles, well within the confines of a conventional taxi.

At a March 22, 2011 event, one of the taxis traveled around London to some of the city’s iconic landmarks. Eventually, the project will deliver a fleet of vehicles by 2012. Mayor of London Boris Johnson said, “These prototype zero-emission taxis are a shining example of British ingenuity, combining revolutionary fuel cell technology with an iconic design classic. This marks an important milestone in my goal to create a cleaner cab fleet, firstly through introduction of the first ever age limits moving towards zero-emission vehicles as they come to market.”

The fuel cell black cabs were developed by a consortium of companies, led by Intelligent Energy and including Lotus Engineering, London Taxis International, and TRW Conekt, with partial funding from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board.

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