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Aerodynamic Trucks Save Fuel and Money



As gas prices rise, more attention is again being paid to making transport trucks more fuel efficient. New trucks with hybrid or electric drive may be an option. For existing fleets, however, the quickest payback probably comes from making the vehicles more aerodynamic.

Most trailer trucks have tall, squared-off ends which produce a lot of drag and make the truck less efficient. Manufacturer ATDynamics is now producing an origami-like product called TrailerTail that can be attached to the trailer in order to improve fuel efficiency and economy. “TrailerTail delivers 6.6% fuel savings at 65 mph according to SAE type II J1321 third-party tests and is compatible with all major dry van and refrigerated trailer configurations.” ATDynamics has several components that can improve the aerodynamic efficiency of tractor-trailer trucks.

Ideas like this have been explored in recent years with university research and studies at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. These products are now becoming commercially available, and will likely be seen more often in the coming years.

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