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Rising Opportunities “SOLAR BALKANS 2011” – 1st Solar Business Forum for the Balkans, 14-15 April 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria

BP Solar Plant

The solar sector in Europe has been very dynamic recently, accounting for 70 percent of the entire solar market. There was a reported increase in demand last year, resulting in 13 gigawatts from newly added PV projects. In terms of earnings, the German solar sector holds the spot as the world’s biggest global solar market; their top solar companies reporting substantial increases in their revenue. With factors like lower installation costs, enhanced technology, continued investor interest, and political support, experts agree that interest in solar energy, PV in particular, can only continue to grow.

The Balkans show promise as a potential solar market in the near future. At Rising Opportunities “SOLAR BALKANS 2011” – The 1st Solar Business Forum for Balkans to be held on 14 and 15 April 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria, major players in Balkans solar and international solar industry will have the opportunity to get together and explore possibilities for mutually advantageous cooperation in the solar business. Big names in the Balkans solar sector like Heliosphera, Bisol, SunService or Solarpro, as well as international companies such as Satcon Technology, Canadian Solar, BP Solar, Martifer Solar, MAG, Upsolar, Jinko Solar have already confirmed their participation in this business-to-business initiative.

Tomas Slusarz, CEO of SolarPVconsulting and Program Coordinator of Solar Balkans 2011, believes that this gathering of international industry and investors will be a great opportunity to boost and accelerate the development of the solar market in Balkans. He also hopes that the forum would help to create synergies between International and Balkan Solar businesses with the mutual benefits. Other members of the program committee point out that the drive in the Balkan solar sector comes from “a strong will to become less dependent on fossil fuels”. As a result, the region has been experiencing growing interest in Renewable Energy over the years, particularly PV.

The organizers also consider Solar Balkans 2011 as an important event for Bulgaria itself. “We believe that New Feed-in Tariff (FIT) law, which should introduce fixed rates of FIT, will remove the biggest bottleneck in the development of the Bulgarian market – financial uncertainty” – says Chairman of BPVA and Chairman of Solar Balkans. Apart from the opportunity to exchange ideas and experience with colleagues coming from Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia and other Balkan countries, they are also counting on an exchange with the global solar industry by transmitting all the panel discussions live on SolarPV.TV, giving the forum “a real international dimension”.

Not only is Solar Balkans 2011 about discovering new business opportunities, it also facilitates networking in a friendly atmosphere through the Networking Business Exchange Area provided. A Solar Bowling Party Reception will take place on the first day as well.

Solar Balkans 2011 is held on the occasion of the 7th South East European EE & RES Congress, while the Exhibition is organised on the initiative of BPVA (Bulgarian Photovoltaic Industry Association) in cooperation with SolarPVconsulting, and with the organisational support of Via Expo. The detailed program, registration information, and other information about the Forum, is regularly updated on http://solarpv.tv/watch/solar-balkans-2011.html

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