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Renewables Supplied 75% of Spain’s Electricity



On January 6, renewable energy made up a record-breaking 75 percent of Spain’s electricity.  Over the course of the day, coal only accounted for four percent of the electricity supply.

On that day, conditions must have been ideal for renewable energy production, but even on any given day, Spain is cranking out some clean energy.  Spanish power transmission company Red Electrica reports that in 2010, renewable energy sources supplied 35 percent of all of Spain’s electricity, which means the country surpassed its goal of having 30 percent of its energy come from renewable sources by 2010 and has almost hit its target of 35.5 percent by 2020 way ahead of schedule.

Last year, coal-fired power in Spain dropped 34 percent and gas-fired power dropped 17 percent leading to a 20 percent cut in emissions.

It’s completely inspiring to see a country making such significant progress on upping renewable energy production and slashing fossil fuel use.

via Greenpeace

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