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Wave-Shaped Aragon Convention Center is Flooded With Daylight


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The Convention Center of Aragon is a dynamic multi-use space that was designed to serve a variety of functions once the Zaragoza Expo ended. It is composed of three main blocks that house a multi-purpose pavilion, a series of modular halls and offices, and the largest auditorium in the city. The building’s blazing construction pace was facilitated by the use of prefabricated panels to fill a variety of building needs – entire sections of the building’s walls and façade were constructed off-site and outfitted with a variety of finishes ranging from shade screens to acoustic panels and sun-reflecting ceramic tiles. The result is a modular building that was quickly constructed and can be easily repaired, maintained, and configured simply by switching out older panels for newer ones.

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Situated in Zaragoza, Spain, the Convention Center of Aragon is a stunning conference hall that rises from the banks of the Ebro river in a cascading series of waves. The center’s fluid form is fitting — the voluminous prefabricated space was designed and built by Nieto Sobejano in just two years for the 2008 Zaragoza Expo, which focused upon the themes of water and sustainable development. The building is wrapped in a beautiful façade composed of 12,000 triangular ceramic tiles, and its angled roofs are punctuated with massive skylights that almost entirely eliminate the need for electric lighting during the day.
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