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Life Will Kill You by Sports

© . Photographed by Justin Harris


Check out this temporary installation, entitled “Life Will Kill You”, for the Revolve Clothing showroom in West Hollywood. For the installation, Molly Hunker and Gregory Corso of used the standard zip tie to create a floating volume nestled below an existing soffit. The simplicity of the system highly contrasts the high fashion boutique clothing, which will be displayed in the space, as a way to show how the two extremes can compliment one another. “The design is intended to explore the edge between aggression and elegance through material sensibility, overall form, and visual effect,” explained the designers.


© . Photographed by Justin Harris


With over 100,000 zip ties, the designers created a cloud-like volume where the exterior surface of the volume is an aggregation of longer, wider white zip ties while the interior is comprised of shorter and finer colored zip ties. The resulting bulging form offers ever-changing glimpses of blurred yet vivid color combinations as the zip ties layer on top of one another in the predominantly black and white store interior.

© . Photographed by Justin Harris

Via ArchDaily 

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