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The BoxHome provides a smart and eco living space


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Micro homes is not only a trend of Japanese Architecure. Rintala Eggertsson Architecture a Norway based architecture company designed the BOXHOME, a 19 m2 having most of the basic necessities included. 
The architectural company wanted to move away from the large homes that many Norwegians have and to focus on the basic necessities in life and the basic things needed inside a home – kitchen, dining, living, bathroom and bedroom.

This four bedroom house with its stylish aluminum exterior and rough hewn wooden interior seems classically Scandanavian in its simplistic design. With dimensions of 5.5 meters long, 5.7 meters high and 2.3 meters wide, the BOXHOME features a kitchen/dining room and living room on the bottom floor and then a bathroom and bedroom upstairs. A ladder in the center of the box accesses the upper floor and windows form a crooked cross to let natural daylight in.

BOXHOME was designed to minimize energy needs for lighting and especially heating, which is necessary in the colder climate of Norway. The home is insulated with glass wool insulation.

Rintala Eggertsson built the micro home some years ago to show that smaller homes could have a considerable economical and environmental benefit. The project focused on the quality of space, the use of materials and light and designing a simple home that could be used as a retreat from the surrounding city.

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