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France’s €10bn offshore wind power investment ready to go


Image by Nick in exsilio via Flickr

The French government is set to announce plans for a €10bn (£8.2bn) offshore wind farm building programme. Key goal is the installation of 600 wind turbines located at 10 sites off the coast of France. The programme will be completed during the next 5 years. The official programme will be announced and a contracts tender for building and operating the wind farms will take place during the next month.

The project aims to provide 3,000MW of new wind energy capacity at a cost of about €3.5m per megawatt, estimating the total value of the investment programme to €10bn. The project is the first phase of a greater investment plan that aims to the installation of 6,000MW from offshore wind capacity by 2020.

The government official signalled that other sites being considered for development as part of the tendering process are off the coasts of Normandy, Britanny and Languedoc-Roussillon in the Mediterranean.

Although France relies heavily today to nuclear power, this investment programme provides evidence of France moving to more clean sources of energy in the years to come.

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