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The V100 Mood Box : A new unique prefab structure for living


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The v100 Mod Box, is a highly modern design that consists of  prefab cubes having dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 ft. Initiated by Phoenix restaurateur Vincenz Saccento, the v100 Mod Box is a prefab system that can create any size home by connecting together multiple cubes, which are separated by breezeways with translucent glass walls. Three of these cubes are expected to be installed in Phoenix in the near soon.

The v100 Mod Box system is based on equal dimensionally boxes that can be assembled into any shape to create practically any structure – from a home to an office, studio etc. The boxes can be quickly assembled and are super low maintenance.

As Saccento told the Phoenix New Times, “There are no nails, no screws, no paint, no drywall, no maintenance. Two people could build one of these in two days.”

The standard model includes two boxes separated by an 8 x 10 breezeway with glass walls. One side serves as a kitchen and living space and the other contains a bedroom and bathroom. Mod Boxes can come furnished if the customer desires. All appliances and fixtures have been chosen not only for their modern look but for their energy efficient design, and all construction materials are either recycled or recyclable and contain no VOCs. Saccento told JetsonGreen that the boxes generally cost the same as “stick and stucco” construction but the real value is in quick and easy assembly.

Saccento is currently working on an installation of three Mod Boxes in Phoenix, which will be furnished rental units. The prefab cubes are expected to be ready by the end of September which will then be rented for no less than $1,000 per month each.

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