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Stockholm moves on with country’s largest electric vehicles investment

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The city of Stockholm, in a teamup with Vattenfall Group, will spend 62 million Swedish kronor ($7.74 million) to get hold of a fleet of electric vehicles for the city. Stockholm and state-owned power utility Vattenfall have a joint scheme for promoting electric car use in Sweden. The scheme has been approved by the Swedish Energy Agency and both will begin the biggest purchase of electric cars in Sweden so far.

The purchase will be carried out in two phases. 50 electric vehicles will be bought initially, while the foreseen target is the acquisition of 6000 vehicles. The electric cars are intended for both public and private buyers in the cities of Stockholm, Goteborg and Malmo at the beginning.

Initially, customers may receive a compensation of 25% of the vehicle cost, at a maximum of 100,000 Swedish kronor per vehicle.

For the main purchasing, the first customers will receive a compensation of a maximum of 50,000 Swedish kronor. This is expected to cover at least 1,000 vehicles. The cars will be delivered in 2011 and 2012.

“Today there is tug-of-war to become a prioritized country for the electric car producers and this grant will contribute considerably to putting Sweden on the electric car map,” said Goran Lundgren, in charge of the electric car project at Vattenfall.

“Energy efficient and silent electric cars with low emissions are needed in the Stockholm traffic,” said Ulla Hamilton, environment and traffic commissioner in Stockholm.

Ms. Hamilton said the city is already a leader in the use of environment-friendly cars and hopes the project will inspire companies in the city to switch to E.V.’s. In a pre-study done, more than 100 companies and organizations showed an interest in acquiring 14,000 electric cars in Stockholm and nearby areas.

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