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Where Should We Put All Those Bikes?


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A couple of photos of a building covered in bicycles have been floating around the net. It’s an unique bike shop in Germany, located in Altlandsberg, a small city 60 km away from Berlin.

How it All Get Started?
What’s the story behind the bikes on the walls? It all started when an employee asked Peter Horstmann, the owner, what to do with about 40 bikes that customers had brought in as trade ins. “Hang ’em on the wall,” Horstmann replied from his gut, and over time the number of bikes has increased to about 120.

The owner, Mr. Peter Horstmann, Canadian in origin, claims that the business is up 40% this year while overall German bicycle retails is down by 22%. More info about this business can be found at fahrradhof-altlandsberg.de

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