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Tokujin Yoshioka Unveils Chairs Made of Foil


Japanese design master Tokujin Yoshioka presented a new chair for Moroso, named as Memory, which is made from a “special fabric with recycled aluminum.”

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Yoshioka’s known for some brilliant, subtle explorations of material and form–including a chair made of paper-like cloth; another made of living crystal; and still another, inspired by bread, made of plastic fibers baked in a kiln.

The new chair, Memory, can be shaped to the user’s whim (just like a sheet of aluminum foil). As Yoshioka writes, “This is a chair of an unlimited variety of forms. It might remind us of the beauty in nature with its ever-changing expressions, and also create impression as if there is no presence of design.” Which is kind of a fascinating way to think about.

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