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Electric Vehicles Made in Hawaii

Korean electric vehicle manufacturer CT&T is to establish a vehicle assembly facility in Hawaii.

The company signed a memorandum of understanding with the State of Hawaii last week, committing itself to build a facility that would make 10,000 two-seater electric vehicles a year. The new plant is also expected to assemble electric buses and four-seater electric vehicles.

The Korean company is hoping its vehicles are made popular locally in Hawaii by the “Made in Hawaii” status.

Hawaiian officials said the new assembly plant there will create jobs for local residents, and should mean CT&T’s electric vehicles are cheaper for Hawaiians than imported vehicles.

CT&T said it is planning an “eco-friendly” assembly facility, to be designed and constructed by architect Stan Field along with designed Young Se Kim.

The facility will spread across three acres including a showroom, electric vehicle theme park and a resort complex built alongside.

The company plans to sell its vehicles direct through its on-site showroom rather than third-party dealerships.

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