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Green Roof Appartment Building in Amsterdam

Construction was recently finished on this stunning green-roofed apartment building in Amsterdam, and residents will soon be able to move into their stunning new light filled apartments. Designed by NL Architects, Blok K is located between the historic center and the recently redeveloped harbor area in the east. The building contains 10 apartments and is part of a masterplan for the area, which will include 500 dwellings and a park by Frits van Dongen and de Architecten Cie.

The guiding design principle for this Amsterdam building was for each apartment to have access to light and the exterior of the building. Utilities, storage spaces, and other structural elements of the building are located in the center of the building. Access to each apartment is reached by a central walkway, or ‘mini canyon’ in the center of the block, which cuts diagonally across the building. With all the necessities located in the center, each apartment has complete access to unobstructed views and tons of natural daylight, although they should probably invest in some good curtains for privacy.

The building itself is 2 1/2 stories tall with an undulating green roof on top and pocket skylights that filter light into the center of the building or onto a private deck space. Each apartment is 132 to 185 square meters (1,420 to 1,900 sq ft). The largest facade opens up to the nearby park.

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