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Prefab University Campus in Russia


Russia’s leading bank has just unveiled plans to construct a green-roofed corporate university designed by Dutch Architect Erick van Egeraat. Located in a rural setting west of Moscow, the Sberbank University will provide education and training for the bank’s 20,000 employees. To achieve a short construction time, the campus buildings will largely be prefabricated, and the plan focuses upon sustainability as a cornerstone of its design.

Prefabricated structural elements will be utilized to ensure a quick construction process, and many of the buildings can be constructed simultaneously. The load-bearing structure consists of prefabricated wooden construction elements, and the facade and space-dividing elements are created with prefabricated wood and glass elements. Cantilevered floor slabs create terraces that provide shading and thermal mass to help evenly heat and cool the complex, while natural ventilation reduces the need for mechanical ventilation. Most of the horizontal surfaces will be planted as vegetated roofs to improve insulation and the overall look of the complex.

The Sberbank campus will consist of a number of buildings built along a spine bordering a nearby river and surrounded by a wooded landscape. Housing for both students and teachers will be available as well as recreational areas, classrooms, conference facilities, and a lounge area with a club for socializing. Work is expected to be completed on the 32,000-m2 Corporate University by the first quarter of 2012, when it will serve as an all-season training resort and a perk to employees.

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