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Peugeot Concept Bike Channels Tron


These days, the Peugeot brand is associated more with fixed-gear conversion of old road bikes (those old Peugeot racing frames are well made and good looking) than with modern design. But this hot concept design, the B1K, could mark either a return from Peugeot. Or they could just be the dreams of a fevered employee.
The info is limited to these pictures, and as ever with a bike concept they have some clever features sprinkled onto a fundamentally flawed design: It’s hard to improve on the classic double-triangle frame for holding the essentials – seat, wheels, pedals and handlebars – where they need to be.

What we like here is the handlebar, which puts you in the same position as you would ride a Tron light cycle. On the other, uh, hand it has no bar on which to rest your hands whilst riding more upright. Otherwise, it looks all wrong. The seat could just as easily sit atop a post, and the hubless wheel at the back seems to do nothing but put a strain on one edge while requiring beefy brackets to hold it there.

The chain-less drive might work, but again, why bother when the chain-driven bike is such an efficient vehicle already? Finally, what’s going on with those tires? Are they really held on with string, or do performance bikes need little cozies to keep their poor feet warm these days?

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