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How green is Apple’s iPhone 4?


Apple has officially launched its new iPhone 4, which definitely covers the aspects most iPhone 3G and 3GS users were looking for. It features a better display, better software and much better technical specs. However, we expected the new device to house several green features, which were missing from earlier models. Though there were some third-party apps that let you do everything from managing your home energy use to controlling your car’s fuel appetite.

The new iPhone

Going through some of the technical specifications, the new iPhone is just 9.3 mm thick, which is 25 percent slim than the 3GS, and includes a 5MP primary camera and a VGA second on the front for video calling. The iPhone 4 is powered by Apple A4 processor, which replaces the 600MHz Cortex-A8 architecture processor in the 3GS. Unlike the 3GS, the iPhone 4 supports Micro SIM. The display size on the both the 3GS and the 4 is the same, but the iPhone 4 has an IPS panel with a resolution of 960 X 640 pixels. The new iPhone is also 2 grams heavier than the 3GS.

The Battery

The iPhone 4 has a much larger battery that provides up to 7 hours of talktime on 3G and 14 hours of 2G, which means about 2 more hours of talktime on both fronts when compared to the 3GS. The larger battery means that users won’t have to plug in their device more often reducing their energy consumption.

Energy Saving Sensors

The iPhone 4 also comes with a proximity sensor that immediately turns off the display to save power. Moreover, the device also includes an ambient light sensor that intelligently adjusts the brightness of the screen for optimal viewing and increasing the battery life.

Green Claims

Apple claims that the iPhone 4 embodies the company’s continuing environmental progress as the handset, headphones and the supplied USB cable have been made from PVC-free materials. Moreover, the device includes bromine-free PCBs, mercury-free LCD display and arsenic-free display glass. The packing has also been made from post-consumer recycled fiberboard and bio-based materials. The power adapter supplied with the device also outperforms strictest global energy efficiency standards. The iPhone 4 also tries to encourage users to stop reading newspapers and catch the news in electronic form on the phone’s “Retinal Display”.

My Two Cents

The iPhone 4 is definitely much greener than its predecessors, but considering the improvements in display and the ability of the phone to multi-task might drain the iPhone 4’s larger battery claims. Yet, it is a good step in the direction of sustainable smartphones that we may be looking for the future.

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